Teaching Clips

This area is dedicated to Jr. High-Middle School appropriate lesson clips.  I will be creating a list of topic with suggested movie clips. All of which I have successfully used in my teaching (*check back soon). Below my list is a resource area of websites and books that I would suggest.

- Rosetta Stone: Christianese 
- Adopted by God
- "Cheating: Spies Like Us" 
- "Justice: Spoken Word" 
- Who Are You When No One is Looking? 
- The Big Story (the Bible) 
- Paper, Rock, Scissors (church & body of Christ)
Reconciliation and Forgiveness 
- Family Members Disguised as Homeless 
- "I'll Wait for You (Dating/Relationship/Marriage)
- Relationships 
The Pursuit (Spoken Word for Girls)
- "Our Deepest Fear"  "He is on His Way" (Christmas/Advent)
"Awkwardly Long Prayer" 
"Teens Talk About Family" 
"Confessions of A Teenager" 
"Give Me Faith" 
"Dark/Light" (I John 1:5)
"How to Study the Bible?" 
"What is Prayer?" 
"Where are You God?"
"A Thousand Words: A Theology of Justice" 
" Truth" 
"Diversity Symphony" 
"Wash Your Hands" from Seinfeld (Ps 24) 
"Worship:NBA Style" 
" Dreams" 
"Fear Not" 
" Jesus Is..." 
"Full Armor of God: Iron Man Style" 
"Story of the Garden of Eden: Product Placement Edition" 
" He Has Sent Redemption" 
" Take a Seat, Make  Friend"   (friendship, evangelism) 
"The Most Shocking Second of the Day"  (Missions/Justice) 
"Read Your Bible-Kevin Hart & Conan Obrien"  
"Patience Taught By Elmo & Zac Efron"  
" Are All Religions the Same?" 
" The Soapy Touch" (sin) 
"Who is Jesus?" 
"What is the Gospel?" 
"Gender Roles and Female Advertising"  \
"How Well Do You Know The Bible?" 
"A Message to All Christians"
"John 1:1-5"
"God's Miraculous Plan"
"Always #Like A Girl"
" Make Your Life Count "
"Jack and Jill" Movie- Atheism
 "God's Not Dead" (Easter Video)
 "Facts About the Bible"
 "Amazing Spiderman" Movie
 "I Was Here" -BeyoncĂ© 
"I Am a Princess"
"What Would Jesus Text?"
"Its Your Move"
"Sheep Protest Rally"
 "A Chosen Generation"
"The Power of Words"
 "Faith: A Short Film"
 "I Blew My Stack" (anger)
 "Your Life in Jellybeans"
 "Hidden Things"
"Redeem Yourself" (Eph 2)
 "Letters to a Person on There First Day on Earth"
"What is Your Biggest Mistake?"

JH Movie Clip Resources:
Downloadable Movie Websites

Movie Clip Suggestion Websites
One Minute Apologist 
Sermon Scene
The Source 4 Youth Ministry
Text This Week (Litergical)

Movie Clip Suggestions Books
Videos that Teach (Vol. 1-4)- Fields & James 
Blockbuster Movie Illustrations (Vol. 1-3)- Belkap
Movie Based Illustrations (Vol. 1-2)- Larson & Quick
TV Shows that Teach-James & Woodward
Toons that Teach- Case

Christian Teaching Clips Websites:
Bluefish TV
Digital Felt
Ignite Media
Ministry Flix
Muddy River Media
Preaching Today Media
Sermon Spice
Student Life Videos
Youth Ministry Videos
Youth Cartel: Youtube You Can Use
Worship House
Work of the People