NEWLY UPDATE AND IMPROVED: Currently Close to 160 Games Are Part of the The Collection Below and MORE are coming!! 

This area is dedicated to Jr. High-Middle School Games.  A fair warning, this a MS/JH/Pre-Teen kind of place so if you are looking for mature Sr. High game ideas you may have come to the wrong place!  All of these games are field test and I have used successfully in with my group.  Most of these are originals but there are some that are not all completely original, some are tweeks or ones I have found, but hopefully this will be a good quick resource for you. I hope it will save you some time for having to search around for ideas.  ALSO At the very bottom of this page is a resource area of additional websites and books I would suggest for more games and ideas.

167: Civil War Dodgeball 
166: Bring Me on a Silver Platter (group/mixer) 
165: Free Children's Ministry Game Book (for INCM)
164: 14 Boredom Buster Games for Groups (*not mine)
163: Giant Uno Get to Know (icebreaker)
162: Emoji Bible Stories (DYM Edition)
161: SwitcheRoo Dodgeball (group)
160: Caffeine Quiz (group)
159: Emoji Bible Verse (group/powerpoint)
158: Emoji Bible Stories" (group/powerpoint)
157. Get Your Head in the Game (Baseball Trivia)
156. Oreo Twisted Trivia (group/powerpoint game)
155. Puppy Monkey Baby (group/upfront) 
154. Block-tionary (upfront/teambuilding/icebreaker) 
153. Baked Bean Bubble Blow (upfront)
152. Steal the Fish (group) 
151. One Legged Shoe Hockey (group)
150. Lunch in Lockdown (group/powerpoint game)
149. Puppet Master Charades (group/upfront)
148. Road Trip Bingo Games
147. Van Twister (group/travel)
146. Name That Garble (upfront)
135-14510 Bus Games for Youth Trips! 
134. Assassins (full day, full camp/retreat game)
133. The Krispy Kreme Quiz (powerpoint game) on Download Youth Ministry!
132. Silly Sloppy Snorkel Slurpees!  (upfront game) 
131.  Please Hold the Line (group, team building, relay) 
130. M&M Sharing (icebreaker) 
119-129. 10 Summer Time Games w/Lessons
118. Face the Gauntlet (big group) 
117. Palm Sundae (Easter time/Upfront Game) 
106-116. 10 Easter Time Dodgeball Games (big group)
105. Heart-Headed (up front Valentine's Game) 
104. Dizzy Donut Duels (upfront challenge)
103. Snowmen vs. Santas (big group)
102. The Price is Nice (christmas powerpoint game)
101. Peanut Butter Rudolph (up front challenge)
100. Duct Tap Head (upfront/group game/icebreaker/mixer)
99. Hoodie Goodies (up front challenge)
98. Headbanger Bop (up front challenge) 
97.Tunnel Rats (big group/team game)
96. Hot Dog Puzzles (up front challenge)
95.  Beach Umbrella Topsy Turvy Toss (up front challenge)
94. Feed the Baby Bird (up front challenge)
93. Shish-Kabob Slob (up front challenge)
92. Goatee, Mustache, Beard (group/icebreaker)
91. Beach Towel Artist (up front challenge)
90. Spaghetti Beauty Salon (up front challenge)
89. Piggyback Dodgeball (group/team game)
88.  3 Legged Soccer (group/teambuilding)
87. Peanut Butter Ping Pong Paddle Pick Up! (upfront challenge)
86. Load the Ladle (upfront challenge)
85. Name Tag Spelling Bee (group, teambuilding)
84. Giant Perfection (upfront, team-builder, illustration)
83. Run & Gun (group game)
81. Kill Frosty (indoor and outdoor winter group game)
80. Big Bowl of Spelling (3 versions)
79. Don't Drop the Ball (powerpoint trivia game)
78. Use Your NOG-gin (upfront challenge)
60-77. Christmas Chaos Night (17 Christmas Time Games)
59. Piggy Back Polo (big group)
58. Pumpkin Pandemonium (powerpoint game) 
57. Pooper Shooter (upfront game)
56. Spatula Hockey (big group/team) 
55. Carmel Onion Race (upfront game)
54. Tummy Tunes (upfront/team game)
51. Kooky Kick-Ball (big group)
50. Star Wars Sound Effect Quiz (*not mine, but fun!!)
49. Scripture Scavenger Hunt (big Group/Camp Game)
48. Big Burger Battle (big group)
46. Frisbee Field Goal (big game)
45. Instagram Sign Scavenger Hunt (big group/event)
44. Angry Leaders (big game)
43. That's a Bunch of Baloney (upfront challenge)
28-39. Top 10: Spam Games (a variety of games!)
26.Top 10: "Chubby" Games  (upfront challenges)
25. Frosty's Revenge (Christmas, big group,)
20. Wacky Wiffleball (big group)
1.Santa-Rudolph-Frosty (Christmas, big group)


ADDITIONAL GAME WEBSITES:  (upfront, group, team building, and gross)