Coming soon...My wife (Melissa) and I would like to officially offer youth ministry coaching, counseling and encouragement for both youth pastors, their wives, and their families.

We have many people contact us for informal advice, help and coaching.  We will work to continue to be available but would like to move into a more formal setting as much as we can with some of these relationships, based on our time and availability.  We would like to be able to establish longer, more intentional relationships through these requests.  In the future we will have a request form and have a record of our coaching and counseling that we offer.

Our heart is to continue to do so FREE out of the blessings that we have received.   We know so many of the people who contact us are not paid, barely paid or as is the majority of case underpaid, so we are not seeking to make money off of people who don't have any extra anyway.

Please check back as we hope to update this page soon or have a secondary site for this area of our ministry.

For now feel free to email me ""... find me on Facebook or twitter (@jhuthduydan) and let me know how we can help, assist or pray for you.

If you are in the Northern Virginia Area or near Washington DC area, we have just started a local network for youth pastors and will be starting one for youth pastor's wives soon! Melissa currently works with "Leading and Loving It"  has an online monthly virtual gathering of youth pastor's wives the 3rd Tuesday of each month, register HERE.

We know what it is like to be lonely or need someone to talk to in ministry, that is why we are making ourselves available as much as we can.

Blessings---DAN & MELISSA