Saturday, April 29, 2017

Middle Years Ministry Launch Coming Soon!

The cross-over is happening! 

After close to 5 years and almost 400,000 visits the "JH Uth Guy" is moving and changing.  New things are happening and a launch of something new is on its way!! 

Updated content, fresh new resources, continued RanDumb fun, along with refreshed favorites. 

New ministry partners are on their way too, as we also say good-bye to some old friend. 

It has been an amazing time doing the "JH Uth Guy" thing.  It has opened so many opportunities, friendships, and experiences.  Thank you everyone who has been a part of this time. 

This site is not disappearing, this site will remain up, for you to continue to use and sort through. We will not be posting anything new here in order to work on our a new place and get it all set up.  We will also be stripping off all the additional items and links so it will be a simpler site.   Hopefully that will make what remains easier to look through! 

Much of your favorite content will move over to the NEW "Middle Years Ministry" Site! 

Our heart still remains the same.. 
- Creating, sharing, providing 5th-9th grade ministry resources
- Overall youth ministry helps/hints
- Providing coaching/mentoring/networking
- Parent ministry connections
- Highlighting other people, ministries, and freebies
- And finding ways to laugh and not take ourselves too seriously. looking for a post coming soon in early June redirecting you to what is next! 


Dan Istvanik
          Ps. 71:17-18