Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Game #168: "It's Just So Punny!" (screen game)

Here is a Super "PUNNY" Screen-Based Game For Your Group!

Sure to Get Everyone Thinking, Laughing and Groaning?

See if your students can figure out the 10 Picture Puns and 1 Bonus Pun! A hilarious game for any occasion.
Great lead into a lesson on "interpretation", "understanding" and "knowing and understanding"

  • Title Slide 
  • 10 Question Slides
  • 10 Answer Slides
  • Bonus/Tiebreaker Slides
  • Editable Full Powerpoint Presentation 
  • Flat Full Powerpoint Presentation 
**All Slides are Wide Jpeg (1920 X 1080) Format!

Here is an Example...