Tuesday, August 9, 2016

News U Can Use: "Making a Plan to Handle Back to School Stress"

School-related stress has long been an issue for teens. But concerns over increasing academic demands and heightened social pressure have parents and educators looking for answers.
Two of Paul Hughes' four children, Liam, 17, and Brennan, 15, attend the High Technology High School in Lincroft, New Jersey, the No. 1-ranked Best High School for STEM by U.S. News. He says many kids come from environments where a lot of pressure is put on them to achieve.

Competitive high schools in the San Francisco Bay Area have taken steps recently to relieve some of the pressure felt among teens, such as by hiring more counselors and limiting homework, among other strategies, a local news publication reported. Four students in Palo Alto high

schools committed suicide during the 2014-2015 school year, and the district experienced a cluster of suicides in 2009-2010.
"I think the stakes are exponentially higher," says Hughes. It's not just academic pressure, he says, but social media has also allowed teens to compete against each other in their social life, too....