Monday, May 30, 2016

Top 10: More VBS Themes for Summer 2016!?

It is BACK....The Top 10 NEW VBS Themes for 2016!! If you liked last year's  You may also find these mildly humorous as well? Here they are the Ran-Dumb VBS Themes that aren't but could be for your church his year!! 

10. WWE!?  (Wrestle not with flesh and blood")

9.  STAR WARS!?  (the VBS Awakens!) 

8.  EMOJIS!? (Monday is "smiley face", Wednesday is "crying face" by Friday the volunteers are "ZZZzz" ) 

7. DONALD TRUMP!? (Make VBS great again!) 

6. BEARDS!?  (Jesus had one, Willie Robertson has one, Every kid at church should have one...) 

5. KALE!? (Man cannot live on bread alone...because it has Glutten!? ) 

4. SUMMER OLYMPICS IN RIO!?  (Apostle Paul was a fan of the Olympics?) 

3.  SAVING DORY? (she once was lost but now she Jesus!) 

2.  COMIC BOOK SUPERHEROES  (because they are like everywhere, why not VBS?) 

1. JUSTIN BEIBER!? (cheesy but catchy songs that get stuck in your head for like the next month....Yep VBS!)