Monday, April 4, 2016

TOP 10: Ways to Keep People Coming the Sunday After Easter?

10. Bacon Sunday- a free pound of bacon for every friend you bring?

9. No Cover Charge Sunday- one Sunday a year, that offering WON'T be taken?

8. Give-Away Sunday- shoot polos and button up oxford out into the crowd, throw adult contemporary CDs and Gospel cassettes out, have a drawing for a new gift card to Cracker Barrel...Give away a brand new Hover-Round!!!

7. Funday Sunday- Instead of having the senior pastor speak, hire a stand up comedian

6. Ladies Morning Sunday- Have as many of your single and avaiable ladies of your church attend that Sunday morning, sure to bring in single guys!!?

5. Pajama Sunday- people are staying home in bed, why not offer a REAL "Come as You Are" Sunday!!?

4. Bingo Sunday- Through out the service have stratigically placed numbers in songs, sermon, and Bible references, sure to attract the older crowd?

3. Swimsuit Sunday- The older generation is always talk about the good old days, when everyone wore suits to church? The young generation would rather be at the pool or beach wearing a swim-SUIT? TADA, everyone is happy?

2. Sundae Sunday- I scream, You our kids on the to church? Why not have Ice Cream?

1. Work Just As Hard to Put Prayer and Preparation into Every Sunday Morning...Without Tricks or Gimmicks?