Thursday, April 28, 2016

Lesson/Illustration: "How's Your Walk?"

Quick Lesson Illustration On Your Christian Walk and Following Jesus. 

- Micah 6:8
- John 12:35
- Gal. 5:16
- Eph. 5:1-3
- Col. 3:7
- I John 1:5-7

- Dress Shoes: Your Christian Walk only comes out on Sunday, when you want to show off how spiritual you are.  Your Christian Life is about being shiny and pretty. It is about the once or twice a week church and youth group time.

- Flip Flops: Your Christian Walk is cheap, easy and flimsy.  You just "flip flop" around to whatever seems the easiest to believe and whatever everyone else it doing, saying, and believing.

- Work Boots: Your Christian Walk is about the work of the Christian life and serving.  You think if you are tough enough and work hard enough that God will accept you. You send your time trying to find the next project to show God and everyone else how good you are.

- Chuck Taylor: Your Christian Walk is about what is fashionable and cool.   You just want everyone to think you are cool and trendy.  You love the concerts, the events, and rallies.  You are into being a Christian when it is cool, fashionable and relaxed.

- Casual Shoes: Your Christian Walk is more casual. You are not a flip flop Christian or a work boot Christian. You could be a work boot or a dress shoe, but it is a bit too much effort. You show up to church, events and other stuff here and there, when there is nothing else to do like sports?   You talk about Christ and act like a christian sometimes, but not all of the time.

 - Sneakers/Athletic Shoes:  Your Christian Walk is an every day thing.  You know you need to workout and spend the time to keep your walk in shape.  You are an all-around, all the time Christian.  You are comfortable, but able to work, and ready to do what needs to be done.  You are there on Sundays, youth group nights, and also the fun stuff too but are also willing to live it out the rest of the week as well.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Game #90: "Emoji Bible Stories #1" (group/ powerpoint game)

Here is a quick fun game for your group to see how well they know their Bible stories AND also their Emojis! 

- Sample Slides
- 10 Challenges Slides
- 10 Answer Slides
- 1 Bonus/Tiebreaker Slide

(to download it for $3, from the Ministry Marketplace Store)

News U Can Use: "ADHD Drugs Lead to Long-Term Changes in Brain"

" A new study has founded that adolescents who are frequently exposed to high doses of amphetamine, a stimulant that is used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy, are at-risk of developing long-term changes in their brain function.

For this study, the researchers examined how amphetamine can affect the dopamine system in younger rats that were comparable to human adolescents. They found that repeated exposure in rats causes changes in dopamine signaling. Since dopamine can affect memory, learning, attention span and reward-motivated behaviors, any changes can negatively impact these functions... READ MORE AT "Headlines and Global News" 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Top 10: Your Potential or Your Calling?

I talk to quite a few young people and young leaders who have been told at some point they "had potential" or they needs to"live up to their potential"?  

Is that what we are really supposed to do?  Is that really what we want our students to do?

It is especially dangerous when it comes to ministry, to be doing something you have the potential to do versus doing what you are CALLING to do?   Here are 10 quick thoughts on the difference between just potential and a calling... 

10. Potential is something you pursue, Calling is something that pursues you.

9.  Potential leads to a career, Calling leads to a ministry.

8.  Potential is something you can do, Calling is something you must do. 

7.  Potential will lead you down a path, Calling will take you on an adventure. 

6. Potential is about talent, Calling is about gifts. 

5. Potential allows you to good things, Calling allows you to do great things.

4. Potential frames a picture of your life,  Calling is a vision for a better future. 

3. Potential is something you work on, Calling is something that works in you. 

2. Potential is based on facts, Calling is based on faith

1.  Potential is what others tell you, Calling is what God tells you.


Thursday, April 21, 2016

RanDumb Youth Ministry Meme #92

Here is just a bit of quick 
Ran-Dumb Fun!

Check back on Monday for 
Fresh Content: 

- Top 10: "Potential vs. Calling?" 

- News U Can Use: "ADHD Drugs Doing Permanent Damage" 

- Lesson/Illustration: "How is your Walk?" 

- Teaching Clip: "Reconciliation and Forgiveness" 

- and More 

Friday, April 8, 2016

Working on TWO Books This Week, See You Soon!

Greetings Everyone! 
     If you are checking here for your daily or weekly dose of resources, ideas, hints, and a bit of Ran-Dumb fun.  I will not be posting for the next 2 weeks. 
    I am actually trying to finish up 2 game books for Randall House/D6.    I am also working a few new projects for Parent Ministry. Net.  Hopefully you will also be seeing some new content and posts from me coming soon to the new Youth Specialities Blog! 

Check back here Apr. 25th for some new posts and content! As always feel free to rummage around and use whatever your find.  If you need something, have a question or I can pray for you in anyway email me ("")!  

If you want to meet up in person sometime let me know if you are ever in the DC/Northern Virginia area.  I will treat you to coffee!  OR... I was just invited to be a part of the team for the D6 Conference in September! I would love to meet up while I am there as well!  They have a great line up: 

Blessing- DAN 

Ran-Dumb Youth Ministry Meme #91

Wednesday, April 6, 2016



 It is called a "DRAMA QUEENS & BLOW UP KINGS".  It is a Fast Food Look at Jr. High Drama!

It is a 4 Week Series on the "In and Out" of the steady unhealthy spiritual diet of "Hot N Juicy" Gossip and the little "White Lies" that are killing our students spiritually.  It is just in time for the new school year with a "to go" challenge that might just "Shake It Up" and give you a whole new mix around your youth ministry this year??!

Each Lesson Contains:
- Step By Step Outlines and Lesson Plans
- Small Group Questions & Discussions
- Creative Colorful Graphics & Logos
- A Weekly Illustrative Games & Group Interaction
- Object Lessons
- Suggested Video Illustrations, Movie Clips, and Ideas

GET IT NOW!! (available for download immediately)

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

News U Can Use: "The End of Young Adult Dystopia Books & Movies?"

In movie theaters this past weekend, a reluctant teen hero led a rebellion comprising an implausible clan of oppressed but likable young iconoclasts. Together they rose up around their chosen one to fight their government's evil social engineering.

Sound familiar? No, it wasn't a new installment of "The Hunger Games," "The Maze Runner"or "The Giver." And it wasn't a reprise of "Saturday Night Live's" "The Group Hopper" sketch, which blended almost every current dystopian teen trope into a trailer for a fake movie "written entirely," the joke went, "in the comments section of a 'Hunger Games' trailer."

The real film was "The Divergent Series: Allegiant — Part 1," the third in the franchise starring Shailene Woodley and Theo James.
The confusing latest 'Divergent' installment 'Allegiant' is strictly for devoted fans

But with an opening weekend box office of just $29 million — compared with a $54-million start for "Divergent" (2014) and a slightly lower $52 million for "Insurgent" (2015) — "Allegiant" debuted at a disappointing No. 2 behind the rabbit-fronted "Zootopia, calling into question whether we are witnessing the end of the young adult dystopian wave at the movies.

Certainly we haven't seen the end of this franchise....READ MORE AT LA TIMES

Monday, April 4, 2016

TOP 10: Ways to Keep People Coming the Sunday After Easter?

10. Bacon Sunday- a free pound of bacon for every friend you bring?

9. No Cover Charge Sunday- one Sunday a year, that offering WON'T be taken?

8. Give-Away Sunday- shoot polos and button up oxford out into the crowd, throw adult contemporary CDs and Gospel cassettes out, have a drawing for a new gift card to Cracker Barrel...Give away a brand new Hover-Round!!!

7. Funday Sunday- Instead of having the senior pastor speak, hire a stand up comedian

6. Ladies Morning Sunday- Have as many of your single and avaiable ladies of your church attend that Sunday morning, sure to bring in single guys!!?

5. Pajama Sunday- people are staying home in bed, why not offer a REAL "Come as You Are" Sunday!!?

4. Bingo Sunday- Through out the service have stratigically placed numbers in songs, sermon, and Bible references, sure to attract the older crowd?

3. Swimsuit Sunday- The older generation is always talk about the good old days, when everyone wore suits to church? The young generation would rather be at the pool or beach wearing a swim-SUIT? TADA, everyone is happy?

2. Sundae Sunday- I scream, You our kids on the to church? Why not have Ice Cream?

1. Work Just As Hard to Put Prayer and Preparation into Every Sunday Morning...Without Tricks or Gimmicks?