Monday, February 29, 2016

Top 10: Reason to Network and Meet with Area Youth Workers?

10. You Can Eat Donuts! (...and your wife will never know, if you're  single-- your trainer will never know)

9. Swap Gross and Embarrassing Stories (...finally realize, there are other people doing dumb things for the glory of God too!)

8. Free Group Therapy!  (..Hi! my name is Dan and I have been a youth pastor for 20 years...Hi! Dan...)

7. Keep Up with All The Youth Group/Church Hopper Families.  (OH! They are coming to your group now!?)

6. Exchange Fashion Tips and Hipster Hair Advice!  (Bob love what you did with your beard...where did you pick up that snazzy deep v-neck...)

5. Escape the Office for an Hour. (using a spoon from the coffee bar and a lighter from the Jr. High lost and found, he slowly tunnel his way....) 

4. Have Deep Discussions about What You Are Reading Lately.  (Have you picked up the new X-men...) 

3.  Have Intense Conversations About Youth Culture and Society.  (I still really don't think One Direction will ever be the same with out Zayne....) 

2. You Can Eat Donuts!! (Seriously, I know it is already on the list but come on...Gluten Glazed Gut-busters... It had to make the list twice!) 

1.  It is in all seriousness and reality, a place of connection, prayer and safety for the heart and soul of Youth Workers!! 
 * While I am having a bit of fun, networking and connection with other youth workers in the areas that I serve has been a life-saver/ministry-saver.  The people that have been a part of these groups have been my friends, mentors, accountability, and sometimes my therapists.

   I have always valued networking and being able to gather with other men and women living the calling to students.   It has continued to inspire me and keep me in the "game" for all these years.

   CHECK OUT: "National Network of Youth Ministries" to find a network in your local area, or to contact the representative in your region to start one!!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

2 New Book, 2 New Partnership, and New Writing!

If you are checking here for your weekly Top 10, News U Can Use, Game, Free Resources and all around Ministry Awesomeness, you might be slightly disappointed.  God has been doing some super great things through opening up some new doors to share with an even wider audience, just within the last couple weeks. 

I have been approached about writing TWO new game books for D6 Ministries/Randall House, being a part of a new blog for Youthworker Journal/Salem Publishing, and joining forces with Youth Pastor U to write a few new things for them! Along with my ongoing work with Parent Ministry. Net and a few other places. All of this outside of God continuing to bless and do great things in my church ministry.  Needless to say with this being in my "SPARE TIME".... That is why I am taking a slight break from posting AGAIN.  

Also, thanks for 600+ views and downloads here for my game"Puppy Monkey Baby" last week that I gave away here and also the tons of views and downloads through Download Youth Ministry social media feeds. 

I am glad I can continue to share and help as I have time, please check back again here for fresh content, for now give some love and visits to some of these great ministries along with the ones in the sidebar!! 

- DAN 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Game #87: "Puppy Monkey Baby" (Big Group/Upfront) UPDATE

Thanks to newest haunting Mt. Dew commercial from this last Sunday’s Super Bowl. We are now forever stuck with the image of a PUPPY-MONKEY-BABY! Here is quick simple game to play with your group based off of all of that.

Simple Instructions:
Similar to the DYM game poser or the old classic “Gorilla Man Gun” students will be choosing 1 of
3 poses.
  • Puppy: hands and arms in front of them like a begging puppy and barking 
  • Monkey: hand and arms to their side, slightly crouched looking like a monkey and making monkey sounds 
  • Baby: hands and arms in front of them forming a cradle and crying. 
You have a choice of 3 videos that you can choose from that will stop on “Puppy”, “Monkey” or
“Baby”. If the video stops on the pose the students making that pose are out and must sit down.

Included are:
  • A title slide jpeg 
  • 3 pose slides jpeg 
  • A video bumper 
  •  3 pose videos 
  • And the original commercial just in case your students have not seen it!

Click Here (to download everything) 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

News U Can Use: "Screening Tweens & Teens Annually for Depression"

" Earlier this month, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended that kids and young adults ages 11 to 21 be screened annually for depression, a nod to the notion that, yes, mental health is an integral part of a kid’s overall well-being.

The recommendation comes after a series of sobering studies on mental health and young people. In 2013, for example, suicide was the leading cause of death after “unintentional injury” (accidents, in other words) for those ages 15 to 34. The reasons for the increase aren't clear, though some recently have pointed to increasing amounts of parental and societal pressure to do well in school. Regardless, in 2013, the American Psychological Association conducted a survey that found one in three young adults reported symptoms of depression, an illness that can of course lead to suicidal thoughts....

Monday, February 8, 2016

Youth Pastor's Wives Monthly Online Gathering & Support

"Finding a place where your wife can connect with other women who walk on the same sometimes-challenging-but-wonderful path may have been a difficult task…until now! ConnectLIVE is just what your wife has been looking for.

ConnectLIVE groups meet once per month online via group video chats. They connect to support, equip and cheer one another on in their various ministry roles. All your wife needs is high-speed internet and a webcam to make valuable relationships with other Pastors’ Wives and Women in Ministry, get answers to questions, receive prayer support and laugh with others."

Melissa, my wife, for the last year has lead the FIRST Youth Pastor's Wives Only Connect Live group through the great organization called "Leading and Loving It". It is now a new year and they are re-registering for a fresh new restart to all of their online and local groups. Her group meeting online the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 10am (EST).  (*next Tuesday!)

If you would like to find out more about her and her heart for serving other youth ministry wives, check out her bio,  get her contact information or register for her group by  CLICKING  HERE

( *Note: the Leading & Loving It website says there are 12 spots left there are not, there are only 4-5 spots left)

Top 10: OTHER Things You Might Give to First Time Guest?

10. A Nerf Gun!? (lean forward and whisper..."run!" 

9.  An Autographed Picture of You!?  (not creepy at ALL!) 

8.  A Handbook to Survive the Coming Zombie Apocalypse!? (if your that kind of church, see Revelation....)

7.  A Coupon for a Hug from the Person of Their Choice!?  ("Hey Mom, I want to go back there I got a hug from a super cute girl!" = 2nd time visitor!) 

6.  VHS of Carmen's Greatest Hits Videos!? (we have to get rid of them somehow) 

5.  A Diet Coke and a Package of Mentos? (what is the worst that could happen?) 

4.  A Cassette of Sandy Patti's Greatest Hits (same box that you found the Carmen VHS, seriously a case of 20!??) 

3.  A Sample Size Axe Body Spray!? (??) 

2.  A Can of Creamed Corn (*True Story!) 

1.  A pound of Bacon!!