Tuesday, November 17, 2015

News U Can Use: "Teens Go Screen-Free for a Day"

" The clock is ticking for Destiny Davis and Jamya Whitmore.

The two high school freshmen, along with 40 of their classmates, are about to give up their cellphones for 24 hours.

They clutch them as they get mentally prepared. Davis says the good part will be talking to her family more.

The bad part? Kinda the same — "Because we're always communicating on our phones. Like, your family could be in the next room, and we texting them, but now you've got to get up and walk to go get them!"

Then it gets real. Maplewood High teacher Jarred Amato gives the 5-minute warning.

The students post to Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat for the last time for 24 hours.... "