Tuesday, October 6, 2015

News U Can Use: "8 out to 10 Teens Are Not Think About What They are Posting Online?"

" Ask.fm, the world's largest social Q&A network, today announced findings from Digital Families 2015: Evolving Attitudes Around Social Media and App Use, its study of social network and mobile app use and perceptions among both teens and their parents across the US, UK and Ireland.

Key among the findings in the US was 61 percent of teens say it doesn't matter whether parents follow them on social media, and 79 percent indicate they rarely say things online they regret, which demonstrates the extent to which digital behavior has increasingly become a casual extension of everyday life for today's digitally native teen population.

According to the study, teens may be right not to worry about parents keeping tabs on their online behavior. While half of parents (52 percent) say their biggest concern is how much time their teen spends on social media, more than two in five (43 percent) admitted they do not monitor their teen's digital activity. In addition, while the overwhelming majority of parents (88 percent) say they are aware of all or most of the social networks or apps their teens engage with, many have not created accounts on these services. For example, Snapchat and Instagram are among the top five social networks American teenagers say they use, yet almost half of American parents have never used them before (49 percent and 45 percent, respectively)...