Thursday, September 17, 2015

Free Media #82: "Movie Clips: Movie Moments" (Collection of Teaching Clips)

Racking your brain for a movie clip or teaching clip for your lesson this week.  Can't find the right clip scrolling through one of the Christian teaching clip/sermon clip websites? (check out my helpful list of those sites) Or maybe you have but they are charging you more than you want to spend on a clip you are only going to show one time.

Consider the "Movie Clip:Movie Moments" YouTube Channel". Type in your word (fear, faith, God...or whatever) in the search bar and you just might find a great clip! Or if you do have a clip the another site or book has suggested search for just the movie and they might just have the movie and clip you are looking for!  Just be careful this is obviously not a Christian site and not all clips are youth group edited appropriate.

CLICK HERE (to go right to it!)