Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Game #78: "Name That Gargle" (Group Game)

Another Classic, That Has Been Reborn with My Group Recently During Our Summer Series "SoundTracking" about the Book of Psalms.  

Each Week We Have Been Doing a Music-Based Game To Start Off Our Sunday Morning.

We Did This And It Was Hilarious! 

- A Mic (PA of some sort)
- 10-20 Cups
- Pitcher of Water
- 20-25 Note Cards

Game Play/Explanation: 
Quick Explanation: Individuals will try to gargle an assigned song, while their team tries to guess what the song is!

Pre-Game Prep: Write down 20-25 popular well-known songs (happy birthday, jingle bells,...), you many also want to include a couple currently popular songs ("Bad Blood", "Happy"...) or even popular worship songs ("Amazing Grace", "Oceans"....)

- Split the group into 2 teams
- Ask for a "musical" volunteer from the first team
- Hand them a cup of water and explain the game
- Show them a song card
- When they are ready, hold the mic up to the player.
- Give the team 30-60 seconds to guess correctly the "gargle"
- Switch back and forth between teams

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

News U Can Use: "Restuarants Targeting Tweens for 18 Billion in Spending"

Hmm...What Is Your Church Doing to Target Tweens/Pre-Teens/Middle Schoolers?  They Might Just be the Key To Who is and Is NOT Coming to Your Church?? 

"Kids are “vital consumers” of digital marketing and successful restaurant strategies often leverage digital entertainment to increase brand engagement with kids, according to market research firm Packaged Facts.

Acceptance by kids strongly influences parent choice in where to dine and parties with kids aged 12 and younger account for almost $18 billion in annual restaurant spending, according to Foodservice Marketing Trends in the U.S.: Technology, Mobile, and Social Media.... " 

READ MORE (at Media Post)

Monday, July 27, 2015

Top 10: "Bus Games for Youth Trips?"

Sitting "a bored" the bus trying to come up with ways to kill time with your students on your long summer trip to camp, mission project or conference?! 

Your arms are getting sore from playing "punch buggy".... or "stab cab" (*Tim Hawkins) ?? 

Here are a couple of game I have played over the years with my ministries.  Hope they help ease the pain and bore-dumb!  


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Game #77: "The Krispy Kreme Quiz" (Powerpoint Game)

My NEW Addition the to "Download Youth Ministry" library of Awesomeness!!

10-question Powerpoint trivia game plus 2 additional bonus questions about the greatest donuts on earth: the Krispy Kreme.

What’s included:
• Complete Powerpoint game file
• 12 Q & A slides (jpeg files)
• Title Slide (jpeg file)

Are you eyes glazed over by donuts? Do you have donuts coursing through your veins? Are you obsessed by donuts? If so, play this game and then present the donut-based message, Keep Your Eye on the Donut from the DYM store!

CLICK HERE (to get it now)


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

News U Can Use: "Preparing Your Tweens for the Scary New World of Jr. High"

Nothing is harder for kids to adjust to than the teenage years. Adding to the emotional rollercoaster of puberty and changing bodies and minds, kids have to move from elementary school life to junior high or middle school.

Anxiety, depression and heightened stress levels are known to increase significantly when young teens make this transition.

According to the American Psychological Association, researchers at the University of Michigan found that children's grades drop dramatically, on average, during the first year of middle school and that children become "less interested in school and less self-assured about their abilities."

So how do parents help their children cope during this tumultuous time in their young lives?


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Top 10: "Other" VBS Themes....

I recently did my first Vacation Bible School in 10 years, in my newly updated position that includes 5th and 6th grade! 

It of course got me thinking about the popular themes of VBS from the different curriculum companies.  It also got my "pre-teen"/"middle school" brain working?  What would be some 
"other" VBS themes that might attract kids??

Here is what I and some of my leaders came up with in the midst of the tiredness and silliness during the week....

10. BACON! (Don't sizzle in hell for eternity)

9. ZOMBIES! (I am the resurrection and the life)

8. MUSTACHES! (I "mustache" you a question)

7.  MINECRAFT! (God the creator of our adventure)

6. STARBUCKS! (*because that is the theme of VBS by Wednesday anyway)

5.  FROZEN! (Summertime fun w/ Olaf)

4.  CANDY!  (I have a sweet "truth")

3. LEGOS! (Building Up Christ's Kingdom)

2. SONGS OF SOLOMON!? (Love...)

1. DODGEBALL!  (duck, dip, dive and dodge sin!)