Thursday, May 28, 2015

Teaching Clip #38 : "DREAMS"

" If dreams are supposed to be unique then why are we all dreaming the same dream? Is it really all about health and wealth? What are you believing God for in your life? Choose to live out His dream and not your own." 

CLICK HERE (to download)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Game: "Pool Noodle Polo" (Summer Time Game/Camp Game)

- a beachball or similar light weight ball
- enough pool noodles for every two people.

Playing Area: a pool

Rules and Game Explanation:

The simple explanation: it is he old game of "Pool Chicken Fight" meets the game of "Equestrian Polo".

Set up & Play
- Divide into two teams and then have everyone pair up. 
- Have one person choose to be the "Horse" and the other the "Rider" or assume "Chicken Fight" positions. 
-  Have each team go to opposite ends of the pool/playing area. 
-  Set up a goal at each end or simply have the each end wall be the goal. 
-  Hand each rider a pool noodle. 
-  Set the ball in the center of the playing area or at "Go" throw it out into the pool

The Rules
- the players must hit the ball using only their pool noodle to score a goal
- No hands or body parts are allowed to hit the ball
- You can decide if you would like to allow pushing and knocking other players off into the water- that is where the "Chicken Fight" element comes in.

* It is a great game to slow down the chicken fights that usually happen at pool parties and also gets more people involved that may not want to only chicken fight.=

In your indoor playing area (gym...) or even on an outdoor playing area. Play "PIGGY BACK POOL NOODLE POLO". Similar rules and idea as above. Using a light ball/beach ball and pool noodles have a goal set up at each end of your playing area. The biggest obvious difference for safety is riders will be riding piggy-back style instead of on someone's shoulders!

* NOTE: In a gym setting we have sometimes replaced the pool noodle with hockey sticks but still used a beach ball!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

MS/JH/Pre-Teen New U Can Use: "DC Super Hero Girls Coming Soon"

“Together with Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment, the DC Super Hero Girls franchise will further expand our already powerful girls portfolio,” said Richard Dickson, Mattel President and COO, in a press release. The franchise is intended to “engage and inspire girls, providing cues to explore heroic acts through play and into real life.”

Targeting girls ages 6 to 12, the new line “includes all of the key components of a comprehensive entertainment experience—from content to consumer products,” stated Brad Globe, President of Warner Bros. Consumer Products.....

Friday, May 15, 2015

Free Media #75: "Lock and Stock" (stock photography)

Here is another great free resource for finding lesson backgrounds, worship backgrounds or photos for other projects you might be working on!

AJ Montpetit has set up a great Open Source website to share some of this GREAT photos for FREE! Here is how he described himself and his websites...
" I’ve benefited greatly from others who have shared stock photos for free, and want to do my part in giving back to the community online.
Let’s keep that great teaching of “Sharing is Caring” alive! I’m releasing these photos under the Creative Commons License ShareAlike 4.0. 
If you use any of these photos, please link back to my main website,, as an attribute, and I would be really thankful." 


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Game #74: "Assassins" (Camp/Retreat Game)

A Sneaky, Full Camp, All-Day or Longer Game That Includes Every Students.  

A Way to Get to Know Each Other While Also Finding a Way to ASSASSINATE Them!? 

- Small (pocket-size) inexpensive squirt guns: enough for every single student & leaders
- Print off of every student name on small strip of paper)

Game Play/Explanation
Simple explanation: every person has the name of another person that they must "assassinate" and to continue the game before they are assassinated.

Set up:
- Print off and cut into small strips of a paper every student and leaders name, putting them all in a container
- Put all the small squirt guns in to a large container
- At breakfast or the first thing in the morning have every person get a squirt gun and grab one slip of paper with a name on it (they can not get their own name)
- People should not tell anyone whose name they have

Game Play: 
- Once everyone has a gun and a name they game will begin.
- Player will have the rest of the day to try to assassinate the person they have without anyone seeing using their little squirt gun.
- Once they have assassinate their target the target must they hand over their slip of paper and the game continues.
- The person who was assassinated it now out of the game, the assassin continues by now working the assassinate the next target.
- The game continue all while the assassin is themselves being hunted as well.

- No Assassinations during worship/services times or during "small group times/discussion times"
- The assassination weapon is ONLY the little squirt guns.  Other squirt guns, hoses, not count.
- There can be NO WITNESSES to the actual assassination shot. If someone sees the actual shot, it does not count and the assassin has to try again.  (*examples: if someone can sneak up behind someone in line and shot someone before someone see- it counts. if someone can shoot someone under the table at a meal-it counts. ) People can be around and it can happen in a public place or in a crowd, the shot and/or gun just can not be seen.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

MS/JH/Pre-Teen- New U Can Use: "Vine Introduces Vine Kids"

"Vine is today introducing a new layer of the service called Vine Kids. It’s meant to be a safe, kid-friendly space for a younger audience to play around with the app and watch vines.
The app pulls from the millions of Vines being created on the platform and chooses ones that are appropriate for children. The interface of the Kids section of the app has also been tailored to be more fun for children, showing a new Vine each time the user swipes left or right and playing “quirky” sounds each time the user taps the screen.
From the official blog post:
The idea came about during an office conversation in early January. One of my colleagues was talking about how much his two-year-old daughter loves Vine –– he said he wished there was a separate app she could use to more easily watch posts that are appropriate for kids. That week happened to be Hack Week, a time when we get to work on projects outside of our day-to-day work. So two folks teamed up and built exactly that.


Monday, May 11, 2015

Top 10: MORE "There is Always One... (Student Edition)


10.  ...that is waiting for a ride home 30 minutes after the event ends.

9.  ...crying halfway through the lock-in (*boy-getting hurt or girl- drama). 

8. .... that read one book, one time, and now know all there is to know about a topic!

7. .... that is eating like it is their last meal ever!

6. .... trying to sneak off with their friend or girlfriend. 

5. .... can't understand why they have to put away their cellphone. 

4. ....that falls asleep during the sermon in main service. 

3. .... tries to sign up the day of the event (even though sign up was 2 weeks ago) 

2. .... overshares during prayer requests

1. ....that is your favorite and you wish you had 10 more of (**Even though you don't have "favorites") 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Video of the Week: "A Mistress Called Ministry"

This is not the usual "Teaching Clip" for you to use with your students this week, this is actually a teaching clip FOR YOU! No matter if you agree or disagree with Dallas Seminary's theology, take the time listen to this recent chapel.  It is worth it!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Taught Vs. Caught: (saying more & speaking less)

“What are you teaching, this week?” 

It is the question that students, parents and others ask us so very often. We study, plan and prepare getting ready for that moment when we stand up in front of our students and begin to speak. We are paid to communicate the greatest truths imaginable. We have the privilege as well as the responsibility to teach students, but what are we REALLY teaching our students? Very little of our teaching and communication is actually what comes out of our mouth. What we are really teaching is taught more in through our body, tone, and what we do not say then through our actual words.

We live in an increasingly non-verbal world, where the medium is the message. More and more of personal and interpersonal communications are actually spoken, while the church continues to hold for the most part to a spoken, lecture model of communicating.  However this is not to say that we should give up on this week’s youth group lesson, instead texting out our notes and Instagram our slides.  We just need to more than ever be aware that 55% of what is being taught is through our body, 38% of what we are communicating is through the tone of voice, while the remain 7% is through actual spoken word.

In addition to the usual traditional ideas about gestures and posture there are two more things related to our body to remember that will communicate before and throughout what we are teaching.

o   Dress-for the crowd you are speaking to. Be aware of the demographic, culture and setting. Dress in ways that will connect and not distract from what you are trying to teach. 

o   Distance-from your listeners will determine whether you are heard.  It is not about sound, it is about being with and talking to students.   An old teacher of mine told me 2 things that have stuck with me over the year: 1. “Be a guide on the side and not a sage on the stage.” 2. “Get off your seat and stay on your feet.”   If you are seeking to teach not just speak, you must be willing to move to your students. Be more than a “talking head” upfront, but a “walking friend” along side throughout a lesson.

It is not a personality thing or style issue it is awareness. Think about speaking TO students, not speaking AT them.  While you may be passionate and excited, both are great things, make sure you are not coming off angry or upset.  Both will turn off a listener and stop your message before it hits a student’s ear.

Secondly be aware of your humor and what things you make light of.   Often when we are talking about uncomfortable topics, the default setting is to try to remove the tension by joking.  These topics often are the ones that are the most difficult to speak on in your groups but are the ones that we need to speak most honestly about.  Making these topics cute or funny communicates that these topics are not to be taken as serious, which become a lesson all its own.

       Actual Words
It is not what you say, as much as what you don’t say that will become a second lesson.  In academic teaching terms it is called the “null curriculum”.  It is the idea that the things we don’t or won’t teach on still communicate about that topic.  Similar to the above idea of lighten up a setting on a tough topic, often we completely avoid speaking all on a topic.  Whether it is because of our personal reasons or an organizational philosophy, not saying anything often speaks louder than what we are saying. It best to actually speak on and to a topic directly than to not say anything at all.

Another term used in academic teaching settings is the “implicit curriculum”.  The term refers to the implied expectations and values of a setting, speaker or church.  Once again the unspoken words often communicate louder than actual words.  Especially in youth ministry settings with new students coming to our ministry or even students who have been around a while getting comfortable with our group and us.  It okay to articulate expectations and even core values, making everyone aware of what is expected and what is important.

Think back at the things you have learned and how you have learned them.  Remember those people who taught you the most and changed your life.  While we can all think back about a few great lesson or sermons, the things we learn and shaped us more often caught than taught. So as you prepare this week to teach and speak, as yourself the question that everyone else asks you, what ARE you teaching this week?  It may be much more than you thought?

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

News U Can Use: "New Blocking Software, Blocks Kardashian Related News" (w/lesson)

"Finally, a way to not keep up with the Kardashians.

A social media guru has announced that he is working on a browser extension similar to AdBlock which will filter out any news stories or references to the Kardashian family.

The man behind the project dubbed “KardBlock” is James Samir Shamsi, founder of “growth hacking & social media management” company Chameleon.

Shamsi describes why he’s building the app on the website.

We don’t care about how Kanye & Kim didn’t care when Amy Schumer ‘fell over’.
We don’t care about who the Kardashians are or aren’t sleeping with.
We don’t care that Kim dyed her hair blonde.
We don’t care about the Kardashians......"  

** Here is also a great 3 part series that I did a few years ago for a retreat called "Famous One" (Click here) about fame, pride and making God the only one that is famous! 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Top 10: "There is always One..." ( Student Edition)

You know them.  You know who they are.  The name(s) just pop in your head.  After doing youth ministry for so many years at multiple churches, at every single church and sometimes in every group each year... THERE IS ALWAYS ONE STUDENT....

10. ...that doesn't know how to whisper when talking during your lesson.

9. ....who forgets their sleeping bag on a trip.

8. ... that asks a question during announcements about the exact thing you just said.

7. ....that thinks they are the exception to the rules.

6.... shows up in an inappropriate swimsuit to the pool party.

5. ...boy that doesn't understand axe body spray does not equal a shower. 

4... that needs to stop for an emergency bathroom stop

3. ....that has no musical talent but wants to be on the worship team.

2. ... that thinks the last youth pastor was soooo much better than you will ever be.

1. ...KNOWS IT ALL!!!!

To Be Continued.....

Sunday, May 3, 2015

JH Uth Guy Thought of the Week

Dumping Massive Amounts of Data Into a Computer is Called "Programming".  You Do it Because You Want a Specific Result and Output.

Dumping Massive Amounts of Data and Information into a Student is "Programming" Too.  You Do it Because You Want a Specific Result and Output.

We Were Not Called to "Program" We Were Called to Disciple.  It Is More Than Teaching Facts.  It About Teaching Faith and How to Follow.  

There is a Difference Between Program and Ministry