Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Featured Blog of the Month: "THE JH UTH GAL" (*my wife)

As promised, like 2 years ago, my wife Melissa has started her own blog.  It actually has been a 2 year journey in many ways.   We have moved from one church to another, almost halfway across the country--Midwest to East Coast, at least.  We have moved "up in the world" in someways going from a large church to a much larger church. 

In this journey God has taught us and her so very much.  In the process, she has found her voice and freedom .   God has also renewed her calling to being a youth ministry wife and active part in my ministry. Even in this move she has found her own ministry to youth ministry wives through an organization called "Leading and Loving It".  She is working on starting the first ever youth ministry wives/women local network and an online network "meeting". 

We had talked for a long time about this blog or something where she could share what she has learned and just the years of wisdom from working beside me in ministry for 15 years and the additional years working in youth ministry in college in addition to her ministry as a elementary teacher.   We has scoured the Internet looking for websites, networks and blogs specifically dedicated to youth ministry wives.  We found very little if any.  

Being a wife to a youth pastor is a hard and often lonely place, especially in the seasons of life when there is young children in the house.  Even as the children get older and often even the need to have to get a job to help support the budget.  Then add on the struggle to keep organized and balance multiple calendars.  All that to say, that is what this simple blog is about.  It nothing fancy...yet!  It is..

 "A Spot Online Dedicated to Woman Married to Men in Children or Youth Ministry. A Place to Find Inspiration, Love, and Support For Those Of Us Faithfully Serving Beside Our Husbands In the Day to Day Life In Youth Ministry." 

Each each weekday she plans on posting something:
- "Ministry Mondays" 
- "Tips Tuesday"
- "Wisdom for Wives Wednesday"
- "Testimony Thursday"
- "Fun Friday" 

We hope it will be a place that will help you and your family.

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