Wednesday, April 29, 2015

10 Free MS/JH Summer Games (w/Lessons)!

Last Summer I Partnered Up with Pre-Teen Ministry Resource Guru Nick Dilberto (of Junior High Ministry.Org, Pre-Teen Ministry.Net, AND Ministry to Youth.Com)  to Come Up with a Full Set of Fun Summer Time Themed Games that Also Had a Lesson for Pre-Teens and Young Teens.  Here are 10 of Those Games & Lesson for FREE!!!

CLICK HERE (to get them) 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

News U Can Use: "App Identifies Toxic Friends"

FIND ABOUT MORE: "Pplkpr Site"  

DOWNLOAD THE APP: "App Store on ITunes"


Sunday, April 26, 2015

JH Uth Guy Thought of the Week

Top 10: MORE Church Reality Shows

Maybe you have seen my previous Top 10's about Reality Shows...

 - "Top 10: Church-Based Reality Shows" (*featured in Group Magazine

- "Top 10: Youth Pastor Reality Shows" 

- "Top 10: Reality Show Titles That COULD be About JH/MS Ministry" 

Well, I just couldn't resist so I  am back at it again with another Ran-Dumb fun reality show inspired Top 10,  Hope you like it.  Feel free to share, repost or create your own! 

10. Church Rescue- Bar Rescue and Restaurant Impossible with bit more yelling!?

9. House of God Hunters- 1 couple, 3 churches, 1 weekend to decide!?

8. Man Vs. Wild Jr. High Boys (lock-in edition)- you thought living off the land and finding a place to sleep in Alaska was hard.  Try to wrestle a slice a pizza away from a Jr. High boy or get any sleep during a overnight!

7. Keeping Up with the Music Pastor- follow the highly fashionable while also very dramtic life of one family...

6. Real Housewives of Youth Ministry- stuck at home with the kids, while their husbands are away for a whole summer of camp, missions trips, conferences, and more.  It is about to get REAL!

5. Catfishers of of Men- find out what happens when young singles "evangelistically date" non-believers?

4. Baptism Tank- people come in to be interviewed by a panel of church leaders to prove they are spiritually ready to be baptized...

3. Vanilla Ice Goes Baptist- you thought Ice going Amish was weird, wait until you see what happens when he is not allowed to dance, go to the movies, drink and has to read only the KJV!

2. Youth Ministry Moms- think "Dance Moms" but tougher and with a little more attitude..."What do you mean my son is not talented enough for the worship team!!..."How dare you tell me my daughter can't go on the mission trip because she doesn't attend youth group?!...

1. Deacon Dynasty- group of wild and crazy backwood's church leaders run a successful church while also doing whatever they please...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Game #73: "Face the Gauntlet" (big group game w/lesson)

It is more than another game of dodgeball or nerf wars battle....

It tougher than one more game of chubby bunny...  

It is more teachable than playing that Skit Guys chisel video for third time this month...

It is the GAUNTLET!!! 

- Projectiles (suggested: marshmallows, dodge balls, nerf guns, finger blasters, and beanie babies)
- Some long church tables
- A large room or a long hallway

Simple explanation:  One group of students have to run from point to another, while another group of students tries to hit them with projectiles. 

Set Up:
- Using your long tables, turn them on their side, line them up on either side of your space creating a long pathway (gauntlet).  Make sure there is enough space behind them that people can stand.
- Collect all of your projectiles, enough for half of your groups to have one.

Game Play
- Divide your group up into 2 equal teams, assign one team to be the "gauntlet" and the other to be the  "runners"
- Give all your gauntlet players a projectile and have them stand on the outside of the gauntlet
- Line up all of your "runners" on one end of the gauntlet
- On "Go!" the "runners" need to run to other end of the gauntlet without getting hit, while the other team tries to hit them
- At the end of each round players that have been hit will join the players on the outside of the gauntlet to join in their group
- Continue to play rounds until there is only one player left.   Give that person a prize
- Switch back to beginning teams allow the original runners to now become the gauntlet players of vise versa

- For Easter Time, we used stuffed animal bunnies!
- In starting the game instead of just having a defined start line and end line, consider going door to door or door to wall in your space.  Provides a bit more of an element of surprise for the runners to run.
- If you feel it safe enough, you might also consider using a strobe light to add to the craziness and fun

LESSON: "Face the Gauntlet" (of Temptation)
Key Verses: Eph. 6:12

1. The Gauntlet: Pressure + Temptation= Consequences
  • Pressure: Conform, Perform, Explore 
  • Temptation: Physical, Chemical, Emotional 
  • Consequences: Pain, Problems & Payment 
2. Understand the Truth: I Cor. 10:11-13
3. Understand the Master & His Way: James 1;2-4
4. Understand Victory is Possible: Gal. 6:8-9

Closing Verse: James 1:2- Receive your reward!

(* For the rest of the lesson series check out "KUNG-FUZED" (ancient wisdom for the warriors of faith)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Featured Blog of the Month: "THE JH UTH GAL" (*my wife)

As promised, like 2 years ago, my wife Melissa has started her own blog.  It actually has been a 2 year journey in many ways.   We have moved from one church to another, almost halfway across the country--Midwest to East Coast, at least.  We have moved "up in the world" in someways going from a large church to a much larger church. 

In this journey God has taught us and her so very much.  In the process, she has found her voice and freedom .   God has also renewed her calling to being a youth ministry wife and active part in my ministry. Even in this move she has found her own ministry to youth ministry wives through an organization called "Leading and Loving It".  She is working on starting the first ever youth ministry wives/women local network and an online network "meeting". 

We had talked for a long time about this blog or something where she could share what she has learned and just the years of wisdom from working beside me in ministry for 15 years and the additional years working in youth ministry in college in addition to her ministry as a elementary teacher.   We has scoured the Internet looking for websites, networks and blogs specifically dedicated to youth ministry wives.  We found very little if any.  

Being a wife to a youth pastor is a hard and often lonely place, especially in the seasons of life when there is young children in the house.  Even as the children get older and often even the need to have to get a job to help support the budget.  Then add on the struggle to keep organized and balance multiple calendars.  All that to say, that is what this simple blog is about.  It nothing fancy...yet!  It is..

 "A Spot Online Dedicated to Woman Married to Men in Children or Youth Ministry. A Place to Find Inspiration, Love, and Support For Those Of Us Faithfully Serving Beside Our Husbands In the Day to Day Life In Youth Ministry." 

Each each weekday she plans on posting something:
- "Ministry Mondays" 
- "Tips Tuesday"
- "Wisdom for Wives Wednesday"
- "Testimony Thursday"
- "Fun Friday" 

We hope it will be a place that will help you and your family.

(click here!!)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Ready...Set...Break! (Writing, Blogging, Creating Elsewhere)

It is has been a whirlwind of a last year.  Starting around this time last year, we begin the process of interviewing and then accepting a new position at a new church.  Which meant moving our family from the mid-west to just outside Washington DC.  Going from a small town in Ohio to almost walking distance from the "beltway".

As I posted here awhile back I did it all while continue to blog, write, and even do a little outside speaking.   I even took on a new role outside my new church to start working with Parent Ministry.Net 

I wisely took a break from writing or doing anything other than my church ministry and my work with Parent Ministry.   January rolled around and I opened myself back up to some outside projects but now, with an additional twist to my ongoing story besides my new position as a 7th/8th grade pastor at my new amazing church.  I will now be temporarily (*for now) be taking over the 5th/6th grade ministry of the church, as that pastor from our staff leaves.

So I am once again just going to be taking a break from posting here for a little bit, in order to put "my hands in" on a few other teams and places.  Here are some of the other "teams" I will be working with to write and create for, where you can find some of my stuff in the coming month.

Check Back HERE, Soon For Fresh Content! As Always Feel Free to Look Around and Use/ReUse Whatever Will Help You in Your Ministry!