Thursday, March 26, 2015

Free Media #71: "Gratisography" (Stock Photography)

A very fun and eclectic collection of original, sometimes funny, stock photography, that is regularly updated and always FREE!!

CHECK IT OUT OUT (click, click) 

April Featured Resource: "Youth Group Collective"

A Simple Fun Site with a Collection of:
- Up Front Games
- Mixers
- Group Games
- Events & Themed Nights
- Video Nuggets
- Video Countdowns
- Series Artwork
- and More.... 


Plus they allow you to contribute your own stuff to share with others as well!! 


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Game #72: "Palm Sundae" (upfront Easter time game)

Just in Time for This Sunday...Palm Sunday! A Quick RanDumb Fun Rather Obviously Named Game.  Just to Keep Things Cool Around Your Young Teen Ministry!?

- Ice Cream (2 containers)
- A variety of ice cream toppings, including syrup, whip cream and a cherry
- Ice cream scooper
- A few spoons

Playing/Explanation :
Simply Explanation: player will create a ice cream masterpiece in their partner's palms. 

- Open up all the topping containers
- Lay out all the supplies
- Last minute pull out the containers of ice cream.  Do this as last minute as possible so that ice cream will say hard

Game play:
- Select 2 teams or 2 to come to the front
- Have them decide which one is more creative and artistic
- Reveal the toppings and ice cream & explain the game
- Have players face each other and have the non-artistic player cup both hands together in front of them forming a "bowl" with their palms.
- Give them 60 seconds to complete the task
- On "Go" the ice cream artists will begin to scoop and top their sundaes
- Winner is the team that creates the most artistic and beautiful "Palm Sundae"!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ten Ran-Dumb Easter Time Dodgeball Games


10. Dodge the Easter Candy (Chocolate Bunny or Jelly Beans!?) 

9. Dodge the Peeps (marshmallow, but is you really want to do it right get REAL LIVE peeps?)  

8. Dodge the Easter Baskets (* those soft sport-shaped ball ones might work great?) 

7. Dodge the Cadbury Egg (Explosive sticky little Easter grenades of fun!??) 

6.  Bunny Hop Dodgeball (tie everyone's ankles together) 

5. Dodge the Easter Eggs (*hard boil some, But not all!!? OR you can just use plastic ones?) 

4. Dodge Judas (secretly pick out one person on each team to be the "betrayer" and at some point they will turn on their team) 

3. Dodge the Easter Bunnies (replace the balls with cheap stuffed animal easter bunnies) 

2.  Easter Bunny Hunting Dodgeball (dress one player from each team up in as an easter bunny or at least give them bunny ears, their team has to defend them if the other team hits them their team loses) 

1.  Resurrection Dodgeball! (kind like doctor dodgeball, if player gets hit they sit down and someone comes around and "Resurrects" them....) 

News U Can Use: "Puberty Comes Earlier and Earlier for Girls"

" At age 6, Rebecca’s body began to develop in ways that seemed unusual. Her mother, Ellen, had noticed a change in Rebecca’s breast area, but some of the other little girls, the chubbier ones at least, also seemed to be carrying extra weight there. But there was also the hair that had begun to appear under her daughter’s arms.

“People assumed she was so much older than she was, but still she would cry sometimes, and people would look at you like, How old is that kid?” says Ellen, who spoke to Newsweek under condition of anonymity.

When a test showed Rebecca’s bone age to be 10½, a pediatric endocrinologist diagnosed “precocious puberty.” While the exact cause is unknown, this endocrine disorder is triggered by the early release of hormones in the brain, a circumstance that hurls a child into sexual maturation years before the usual age..."

Monday, March 23, 2015

Top 10: "Proof that Jesus was a Youth Pastor" (from Group Magazine)

In The Current Issue "Group Magazine" an Updated Version of  One of My Top 10 Lists!  Enjoy and Feel Free to Click the Tab Above to Check out Some More of my Weekly Top 10 List from the Past or Come Back Each Monday Morning to Enjoy a Fresh One!