Monday, May 2, 2016

Top 10: Reasons You Should Clean Your Youth Closet? (classic)

10.  Expired Turkey and Peach Baby Food?

9.  The Resignation Letter From the Guy 2 Youth Pastors Ago?

8.  A Bag Full of JH Boy Underwear...Dirty?

7.  A 20 x 30 Framed Painting of Mrs. Jones and her Cat...of the "Jones Memorial Youth Building/Bingo Hall" 

6.  A Case of Spam?

5. 52 Rolls of Toilet Paper?

4. A Collection of Walkers, Canes, Pune Juices and Depends?

3.  The Complete Box Set of Petra Albums On Cassette...Never Been Opened! (* Ebay here you come!!)

2.  The Special Offerings for the Youth Group's Compassion Child!!!! 

1. The Remains of that Missing 8th Grader From Last Year's Game of Sardines?  (WINNER!) 

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