Thursday, December 11, 2014

Resource #68: "Teenagers and Cyberbullying" (Infographic)

FROM YOUTH MINISTRY MEDIA ---  1. 81% of teenagers say that online bulling is easier to get away with. How is this possible? Teens today resonate with social justice issues, and yet 1 in 3 students are being threatened online. How can we help students to become the whistleblowers of what is happening in their schools?

Also, how can we help parents to protect their kids from being set up in a situation where their kids will be bullied online. I think of online programs like, and other things where I often see students setting themselves up for being bullied. Just because a online service is out there doesn’t necessarily mean a teenager needs to be on it.

2. Face-to-face communication between teens is becoming unnecessary. I would love to know the stats of how many friends that you have on Facebook would actually call you a friend. Marshall McLuhan said, “We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.” I have to wonder how our iPhones and other technology is shaping an entire generation. We need to have goals for how we use technology. Face-to-face communication is the key. We need to help students prioritize building real relationships in a digital world.

3. 1 in 5 cyberbullied teens think about suicide. This is alarming. Warning lights should be going off in your head. Teenagers in your youth ministry, in my youth ministry are thinking about ending it all because of a photo, or a conversation, or something online......" 

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