Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Lesson Series: "Connect" (Relationships)

A Newly Updated, and Recently Taught SIX Lesson Teaching Series About Our Relationships and Our Connection With God That Leads to Better Connections with Others.  Based on Luke 10:27.  

- Lesson 1: "Connect With God"
- Lesson 2: "Connect With Others #1: Faith Connection"
- Lesson 3: "Connect With Others #2: Friend Connection"
- Lesson 4: "Connection With Others #3: Frenemy Connection"

- Lesson 5: "Connect With Others #4: " A Just Being Friends Connection"
- Lesson 6: "The Connection in You" 

(*Lesson include brief outline for the lesson, along with scriptures.  Also included is some additional suggested ideas, object lesson, video clip links, movie illustration suggestions)

CLICK HERE (to check out lesson #1 and download the all lesson outlines-PDF)