Sunday, November 9, 2014

Top 10: Reason I Love Fall Retreats?

10. The Fall Colors!

9. Crisp Cool Sweatshirt Weather!

8. Hot Coffee with Leaders First Thing Before the Students Wake Up!

7. One on One Moments with Students, That I Don't Get Anywhere Else!

6. Not Getting a Speaker, But Teaching A Set of Lessons Myself All Together, Instead of Having Lessons Spread Out 6-7 Days Apart!

5. Sunday Morning Worship!

4. Crazy Games in the Dark  (*and Scaring My Girl Students!)

3.  Dan's Disgusting Games (upfront challenges!)

2. Seeing Kids Unplugged from Pressures and Electronics (*yes, I make them leave the phones at home)

1.  Commitments, Challenges and Broken Hearted Moments, That I Pray Will Last!!