Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Thanksgiving Time Game: "Pop-SICKLE"

A Quick Ran-Dumb, Bit Gross Thanksgiving Time Up Front Game to Add to Your Collection.  

A classic that I posted a while back that many people tried out!

It is a youth group favorite that continue to Live On Over the Years! 

- Popsicle makers, similar to what is shown, but if you can find ones that are not see through it adds to the fun
- A Jar or 2 of Turkey (or Beef) Gravy
- A Freezer

Instructions:As if you can't already figure out where this is going. You are going to create 4-6 "Pop-SICK-les" using our Beef Gravy, instead of the normal juice or Kool-Aid.  The frozen gravy, freezes well and looks very similar to a fudgesicle or other chocolate frozen treat!

You can either call up 2 volunteers to each eat 2-3 or as many volunteers as you have "pop-sick-les" and have everyone just eat one. 

You can tell them that it is going to be a "brain-freeze" challenge to see who can eat their Popsicle the fastest. 

 Ready, Set, Go...and let the funny faces and surprise begin.