Friday, November 28, 2014

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Game #67 "Peanut Butter Rudolph"

A quick easy silly Up-Front Christmas time game.  

For the beginning of youth group or as part of your Christmas party! 

- Small jar of Peanut Butter
- 2-4 Ping Pong Balls
- Optional: Red Permanent Marker

Explanation/Game Play:

Simple Explanation: Player will bounce a ping pong ball and try to catch it using only peanut butter smeared on the end of their nose.

Game Play:
- Ask for 2-4 volunteers.
- Bring the volunteers to the front
- Smear a large amount of peanut butter on the end of the their nose
- Hand each a ping pong ball
- Explain the simple rule: "bounce the ping pong ball and try to catch the ping pong ball with the end of your nose.  No hand allowed for catching!

Using a red permanent marker color the ping pong balls red!

Example Photo: 

News U Can Use: "UGG's Targeting Success to 17 Million Tweens"

" In a time when most marketers are just starting to ramp up mobile investments to target millennials, UGG appears to be well ahead of the curve by targeting iPod Touch-toting tweens. And the footwear brand shared results with Adweek from a recent campaign, shedding light on what promise such a strategy may hold for marketers with younger-skewing demographics...." 
CLICK HERE (to Read the Rest from ADWEEK)
** THOUGHT: Part of the continuing conversation and thought for those of working with the "Middle Years" (10-15, 5th-9th grade).  What would happen if we "jumped ahead of the curve" and starting thinking beyond just doing ministry and church for the mom and dad millennials and started truly considering the future rising church? The age and group that beginning to throw its weight in every marketplace, see my past thoughts in "Keys to the Kingdom..."

Monday, November 24, 2014

10 MORE: Hints to Transitioning into a New Youth Ministry!

10. Have a Fun Event for the Students Just Let Them Get to Know You, Your Spouse, and Family. (Make it Pure Relationship Building, Not Programming) 

9.  Drive Around the Area Around Your Church.  Get to Know the Area (Allow Yourself to Get Completely Lost) 

8. Send Out an Email Introducing Yourself to All the Parents and Kids.  Share More Than Just Your Ministry Experience and Qualifications.  (Make it Personal and Real) 

7. Walk Around and Introduce Yourself to All the Secretaries.  Spend a Couple Minutes Talk to Each.  (*They are one of your greatest assets and allies) 

6. Volunteer to Serve In Two Other Ministries In Church Other Than Your Own for A Week. 

5. If The Church Doesn't- Ask To Come Up on the Stage with Your Family Have 5 Minutes to Introduce Yourself During Service(s) 

4. Find the Nearest Place, To the Church with Truly Good Coffee.  (you will not regret it) 

3. Find Out Where All Your Students Go to School.  Call the School With in the First 6 Months and Introduce Yourself to the Principal.  

2. Get a Current Head Shot of Every Regular Attending Students.  Memorize their Face and Get to Know Their Name.   (quiz yourself or come up with a system to get to know names and faces until you do) 

1.  Establish a Regular Date Day/Night/Time In Your Schedule Immediately! (*if you are not married, this still might apply??) 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Game #66: "Duct Tape Head" (big group/team/icebreaker)

Just Another One of Those Fun Upfront Team Games That Has Been Floating Around The Files for Years.  We Usually Play It the The First Night of A Retreat or Other Time as A Quick Silly Low-Activity Team Competition. 

- A Small Roll of Duct Tape

Game Play and Explanation

Explanation: It is simple update on the old "Bring Me" game (see Here or Here). Two teams compete to be the first group to be able to have someone bring something to the leader. 

Set Up: Divide the group into 2-4 equal teams.  Dividing them up by gender, grade, or randomly.   Ask for each team to send a volunteer up to be the "Duct Tape Head".    Have the volunteer either sit or stand at the front of the room.  Take one large long piece of duct tape and create a "head band" around each of the volunteer's heads.

Game Play: Explain that you will be asking each team to be the first group to be able to "bring up" an announced item and stick to their team's "Duct Tape Head".   A point will be given to the team with the first item brought up and stuck to their person's head.  

List of Suggestions: 
- Money, candy, a rubber band, a hair ties, chewed gum, a sock, a shoe, a long hair, a watch, a wallet, a gift card, a necklace, a paper clip, an arm pit hair, a booger.... and So On!!  Be creative and have fun! 

Here is an example

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

News U Can Use: "11 Facts about Sexting"

1. Teenage girls have a few reasons for sexting: 40 percent do it as a joke, 34 percent do it to feel sexy, and 12 percent feel pressured to do it.

2. Who will see your sext? 17% of sexters share the messages they receive with others, and 55% of those share them with more than one person.

3. While nearly 70% of teen boys and girls who sext do so with their girlfriend or boyfriend, 61% of all sexters who have sent nude images admit that they were pressured to do it at least once.

4. Nearly 40% of all teenagers have posted or sent sexually suggestive messages, but this practice is more common among boys than girls.

5. Sending semi-nude or nude photos is more common among teens girls. 22% of teen girls report sending images of this nature, while only 18% of same-age boys have.

6. 15% of teens who have sent or posted nude/semi-nude images of themselves send these messages to people they have never met, but know from the Internet.

7. Sending or receiving a sexually suggestive text or image under the age of 18 is considered child pornography and can result in criminal charges.

8. 24% of high-school age teens (ages 14 to 17) and 33% of college-age students (ages 18 to 24) have been involved in a form of nude sexting.

9. Sexting is defined by the U.S. court system as “an act of sending sexually explicit materials through mobile phones.” The messages may be text, photo, or video.

10. In the U.S., 8 states have enacted bills to protect minors from sexting, and an additional 14 states have proposed bills to legislation.

11. 11% of teen girls ages 13 to 16 have been involved with sending or receiving sexually explicit messages.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Top 10: Hints to Transitioning into a New Youth Ministry

10. Make Sure Your Personal Family Finds Their Place in the Church & Ministry Immediately!

9. Do Not Be Afraid to Ask "Dumb" and "Obvious" Questions About Everything! 

8.  Find Out the Written and Unwritten Expectations, "Rules" and Policies Quickly!

7. Have Lunch or Coffee With Every Single Other Pastor/Leader on Staff as Soon As Possible.

6. Set Up and Unpack Your Office Within the First Week. 

5. Have a Parent Meeting Within the First Month, That Includes A Transparent Questions & Answer Time. 

4. Have a Volunteer Meeting Within the First Month! 

3. Have Lunch with the Head of Maintenance and Let Them Take a Couple Hours to Show You around the Building! 

2. Listen and Find Out the History and Experiences of the Church, Ministry, Area, and People!!

1.  Spend One Week Locked in Your Office After You Have Done #10-#2, Praying, Working Through, and Writing Out a Vision and Direction for Your First 6 Months, Including a Calendar Events, Teaching Scope and Sequence, and List of Things That You Would Like to Accomplish. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Youth Ministry Meme #73

Use as just a quick helpful reminder for your students for your WEEKLY youth group night?? 

Youth Ministry Invention? #28: Light Socket Wireless Speakers.

" These cool new Audio Light Bulbs are wireless, illuminated speakers that install as easily as screwing in a light bulb!

 Just dock your iPod/iPhone or other music player into the transmitter and the bulbs play back crisp audio wirelessly from their full-range, 10-watt speakers. Don't worry about losing light sources, they even double as regular 60-watt light bulbs with integrated super bright LEDs. 

You get a set of two speaker light bulbs that are expandable up to eight, and a handy remote that controls the audio and even dims the light.

CLICK HERE ( to check them out and maybe buy a couple for your youth room, office, or...bathroom?? )

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Thanksgiving Time Game: "Pop-SICKLE"

A Quick Ran-Dumb, Bit Gross Thanksgiving Time Up Front Game to Add to Your Collection.  

A classic that I posted a while back that many people tried out!

It is a youth group favorite that continue to Live On Over the Years! 

- Popsicle makers, similar to what is shown, but if you can find ones that are not see through it adds to the fun
- A Jar or 2 of Turkey (or Beef) Gravy
- A Freezer

Instructions:As if you can't already figure out where this is going. You are going to create 4-6 "Pop-SICK-les" using our Beef Gravy, instead of the normal juice or Kool-Aid.  The frozen gravy, freezes well and looks very similar to a fudgesicle or other chocolate frozen treat!

You can either call up 2 volunteers to each eat 2-3 or as many volunteers as you have "pop-sick-les" and have everyone just eat one. 

You can tell them that it is going to be a "brain-freeze" challenge to see who can eat their Popsicle the fastest. 

 Ready, Set, Go...and let the funny faces and surprise begin.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The JH Uth Guy Thought of The Week

News U Can Use: "14 Year Old's Cyber-Bullying Invention" (Article & TedxTeen)


ARTICLE: " Trisha Prabhu, a 13-year-old from Chicago, won a spot as one of Google's 15 Global Science Fair finalists for her project about stopping cyberbullying by making teens and tweens think before posting hurtful comments. 
The science behind Prabhu's idea is simple: Teens are impulsive and, because of their brain structure, more likely to post hurtful messages without pausing to think about the consequences...." 
Read more:


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Top 10: Reason I Love Fall Retreats?

10. The Fall Colors!

9. Crisp Cool Sweatshirt Weather!

8. Hot Coffee with Leaders First Thing Before the Students Wake Up!

7. One on One Moments with Students, That I Don't Get Anywhere Else!

6. Not Getting a Speaker, But Teaching A Set of Lessons Myself All Together, Instead of Having Lessons Spread Out 6-7 Days Apart!

5. Sunday Morning Worship!

4. Crazy Games in the Dark  (*and Scaring My Girl Students!)

3.  Dan's Disgusting Games (upfront challenges!)

2. Seeing Kids Unplugged from Pressures and Electronics (*yes, I make them leave the phones at home)

1.  Commitments, Challenges and Broken Hearted Moments, That I Pray Will Last!! 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Ran-Dumb Youth Ministry Meme #72

Youth Ministry Invention #27?: "Phone Camera Remote"


(* This is not an advertisement of a partnership of any sort. People have been asking me about these invention posts, they are simply cool stuff I find, that think will be helpful. I make no $ off any of these posts...FYI)

From Their Site... 
- The slimmest camera shutter remote control for iPhone (all models including 6 and 6+), iPad, Android and Samsung Galaxy / Notes 

- Premium, sturdy build quality in a sleek, durable and portable design. 

- Take great selfies, group photos and videos from as far as 30 feet. Use the included audio jack phone stand to position your phone in a freestanding position. Never be left out of a photo again! 

- Simple and easy setup in less than 30 seconds! There are NO APPS TO DOWNLOAD when using iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy 10.1, Moto X, Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7 or Nexus 8, LG G2, G Pro, G Flex, Moto X​ Nexus 4, 5, HTC One M8, Sony Xperia Z2. App needed for HTC New One, X+, Sony Xperia Z, Z1. 

- Size Matters! The Shuttr is small enough to have with you on your keychain whenever you need it. Gift box also includes a micro fiber carrying pouch to store and clean your Shuttr. 

Free Teaching Clips: "One Minute Apologist" (600 video collection)

Looking for a quick teaching clip on a hot topic, tough question, or just plain curious yourself about something.  The One Minute Apologist offers a YouTube Channel with over 600 quick videos to use!!

If you want to find out more about Bobby Conway and what he believes also check out his website!  Even check out his new book!?

CLICK HERE (to go to the YouTube)
CLICK HERE (to go to the Website)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Game #65 : "Fall Hoodie Goodie" (upfront game)

It is sweatshirt weather AND fall retreat season again! Time to put on that hoodie and also enjoy some goodies?  Why not combine the two for a quick completely ran-dumb game of "HOODIE GOODIE"!!

- 2 zip up hoodies (L or XL)
- 18-20 pieces of leftover Halloween candy
- A couple eggs

Simple Explanation: 
Players will have to "catapult" the goodies contained in their hoodie as far as possible.

Game Play: 
Ask two player to come forward.  Have them put on a hoodie.  Show them the container of candy and explain the point of the game is to "catapult" each piece of candy you place in their hood as far as they can.

Play 8-9 rounds placing a piece of candy in each of their hoodies each round.

Final 1-2 rounds replace the candy with an egg...or 2!!  Of course there is a good chance the egg will not go anywhere and a player will end of up with a raw egg to the back of their head!!!

Player that gets the candy or eggs the farthest.

Monday, November 3, 2014

News U Can Use: "US Kids' Tablet Use on the Rise"

" It’s no secret that kids are increasingly spending time on touchscreen devices, but a new study from the NPD Group shows just how popular tablets and smartphones have become with US kids over the past two years.
According to NPD’s Kids and CE: 2014, the number of kids using tablets has more than doubled since 2012, going from 13% to 31% among kids ages four to 14 in the US.
In step with children’s increasing use of the devices, the study also found that more families own tablets, a figure that also doubled in the past two years, from 21% to 43%.
Overall, the report showed that kids’ usage of smartphones and tablets outpaces all other consumer electronics. It also found that smartphone use is on the rise. Today, 71% of households with kids reported having a smartphone in 2014, up from 55% of households in 2012. In terms of consumption, 35% of parents said that their child uses a smartphone, up from 21% in 2012...." 

Read more

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Top 10: Pastor Appreciation Month FAILS?

10.  Unfreeze last year's leftover Christmas Cookies For a Lovely Cookie Tray in OCTOBER!? (*real story)

9. Buy Him a Book, That YOU Think He Should Read (yes, I know the blood moon and "Left Behind" came out the same day...)

8.  Make a Mix CD of the Speakers and Pastors From Other Churches, That He REALLY Should Hear! 

7. Handmade Doilies for His Office. (the cool hand knitted pulpit cover was great last year!) 

6.  A Personalize Coffee Mug of His Favorite Church Family-YOURS!

5.  A Gift Card to a Gym (looking a little tubby, upfront aren't we...)

4.  A NEW! (since he can't afford a real cellphone, but at least you can call him when he is driving on family vacation?) 

3. A Tie.  (no not the one for around his neck, a zip tie for his pants...seriously gym gift card last year *hint*) 

2. Date Night...with you are your spouse! (nothing says romance like having a double date with you!)

1.  A Year Subscription to the Sock of the Month Club!? 
(**no seriously...