Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Game: 3-Way Dodgeball (or "Girl's Revenge Dodgeball")

Simple classics with slight tweak and additional new challenge are always a favorite around our ministry.  Also just like you I am sure you are getting tired of plain old dodge-ball all the time. 

It is a simple very easy "change up".  It is "3 Way Dodgeball".  Nothing to complicated here, instead of having 2 sides have 3 sections.  The middle section of course is throwing out against the 2 ends, and the end sections can choose to either throw at the middle team of the other end team. The middle section of course is "meat grinder" that is why we also sometimes turn it into "Girls Revenge Dodgeball", by dividing up girls in 2 teams on either end area and put all the guys in the center section. First time out don't let the guys know, but tell the girls to throw only at the guys not each other.  The JH/MS girls love it, because it an opportunity to even out the playing field (Literally) for them.  Just a fun simple idea to "freshen it up" to old dodgeball routine! Enjoy!!