Monday, August 25, 2014

Top 10: Youth Ministry Fundraising Fails...

10. Selling The Church's Pew Bibles Door to Door?

9. Put a Swear Jar in the Middle of the Table at the Next Staff Meeting?

8. "Adopt a Teen" Where People Actually...Adopt One of Your Teens? 

7. Sell Gold Circle VIP Seating for Sunday Morning Services? 

6. Street Racing for Money in the Church Van? 

5.  Selling Girl Scout Cookies!? 

4.  Make Your Own Apple Cider to Sell? (*real story...FAIL!)

3.  Slot Machines in the Church Lobby?

2.  Youth Ministry Logo Yoga Pants!?

1. Challenge People to Pour a Church Urn of Hot Coffee Over Them to Raise Awareness for Your Missions Trip?