Monday, August 18, 2014

Top 10: You Might Be a JH/MS Youth Pastor If... (*classic re-born)

10. You have a "tab" at the local pizza place.

9. You have ever used a whoopie cushion as an object lesson

8. You have a pair of "dress chuckies"

7. You don't have a daughter, but own all the One Direction CDs

6. Your son has ever asked an Elder to pull his finger.

5. You have ever forgotten yourself and tried to fist bump the Sr. Pastor and called him "Dude"

4. You have ever cracked a fart joke during the adult worship service

3. You have ever refer to Phineas and Ferb as your greatest influences in a job interview

2. You have ever tried to see how many boys you can fit in the trunk of your car

1.You have ever made a batch of brownies in the shape of dog poop and freaked out your students by eating one on a hike at camp! (*true story...pure awesomeness!)