Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Game #63: "The Hot Dog Puzzle" (upfront challenge)

End of the Summer or Fall Time Game.  Perfect for the final cook out or the fall kick-off bonfire/hot dog roast!

- 4 uncooked hot dogs
- 4 plates
- 4 cups
- A box of toothpicks

Set Up/Game Explanation:
-Simple Explanation:  Reassemble a cut up hotdog using toothpicks
- Take each hot dog one by one and cut them up into pieces of various shapes and sizes, placing all the pieces from each individual hot dog into its own cup.
- Divide out all the toothpicks into an equal amount.
- Set out a plate, cup full of hot dog parts, and toothpicks for each player
- Choose 4 players to come up
- On "Go!" players have to re-create and re-assemble the "hot dog puzzle" using the toothpicks to keep it all together.
- First person to have a "complete" hot dog Wins!!