Friday, July 4, 2014

See You in 2 Weeks...New Job Update and New Ministry Partnership!

Yep, taking another 2 week break from posting because....BIG Things are happening!!!

God is working in crazy and amazing ways in my life right now! I wanted to give everyone a bit of an update about all that is going on both with accepting a new JH position at a new church and also being invited to partner with a great ministry on the national youth ministry scene!

First off, I just want to say how amazing God has been over the last couple years with my family, in the JH ministry I have been part of for 9 years and even here through this little online space.   I am just continued to be overwhelmed by how God has opened new opportunities over and over again.  I am just seriously humbled to be able to continue to keep doing what I have been doing for almost 20 years in the church, and to be invited to connect, write, speak and coach in various ways beyond the walls of my church.

The BIG Move!!! Yes, we are moving.  I have been a 6th-8th grade pastor at Berean Baptist Church in Mansfield, OH for 9 years.  As of July 3rd, I have stepping down to take a new position as the 7th/8th grade pastor at Burke Community Church in Burke, VA.   The church is just outside of Washington DC.   It is an outstanding opportunity and an wonderful church.  I can not express how excited I and my family are for this move and position.  I am further excited by the fact that I can continue to do what I love to do, being a "JH UTH GUY"!!    Of course as a side note, to the new position I can still continue to write and share here from a place of being a "day to day" average in the trenches youth pastor!  Please be in prayer for me as I make this move and settle in to our new church.   Thank you already for all your kind words, emails and facebook messages of encouragement.

  The OTHER News!! Besides also taking on a new church position, I was additionally invited to take on a new role and partnership on a national level with Jeremy Lee and Parent Ministry. Net Beyond continuing to work with some other great people and  partnerships (see the right side of the page >>>) I have been asked to come on board with Parent Ministry.Net's already great team of people as part of their "Youth Content" doing some writing and a few other things.  I have loved and appreciated Jeremy and his outstanding work over the last couple years on a national level as one of the driving forces behind better ministry to parents and for parents.  I once again am just humbled to be asked to join up with the already great work that is being done!

If you have not checked out Jeremy and my recent podcast conversation about "How to Create Content That Helps Other Ministers"... Please Do! (click below)


All that to say...I have a couple things going on in the next couple weeks, so I am taking another 2 week summer break from posting to settle in to new home, church, and life while also taking on some "after hours" parent ministry projects. As always feel free to look around, find what helps you and your ministry to Pre-Teen/Middle School/Jr. High students. You are always welcome to share, repost, and do a bit of "borrowing" is OK!!

Check back in around July 21st for some fresh content, ideas, and of course some beautiful "ran-dumb-ness"!!