Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lesson Series: "COME IN" (*9 lessons based on the tabernacle)

A nine lesson series based on the part of the Old Testament tabernacle.

Originally taught for a summer camp setting and theme.

Lessons Overview:
1. “Come See” (Enter the Gate)

2. “Come Clean #1-“Clean Me” (Brazen Altar)
3. “Come Clean #2”- “Washed Clean” (The Lavar)
4. “Come Live #1”- “Live in the Presence” (Bread of Presence)
5. “Come Live #2”- “The Bread of Life” (Table of Shewbread)
6. “Come into the Light #1”- “The Light” (The Golden Lampstand)
7. “Come into the Light #2”- “Connecting to the Light” (The Golden Lampstand)
8. “Come Be Free #1”- “What is Inside?”(The Ark of the Covenant)
9. “Come Be Free #2”- “See Your Need?” (The Mercy Seat)
(*Lesson include brief outline for each lesson, along with scriptures. Also included is some additional suggested ideas, illustrations, games, and resources accompany the lesson)

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