Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Game #61: "Feed the Baby Bird"

An All-Time Favorite, That Your Students Are Going to be Laughing about and Talking About....

- 2 Cups
- 2 Packages of Gummy Worms
- 2 Chairs

Set Up/Game Explanation:
- Simple Explanation: players will be eating gummy worms out of their partner's mouth...sort a baby bird.
- Fill 2 cups full of gummy worms
- Have 2 teams of 2 come up to the front
- Have one person sit in the chair
- Give the seated person the cup full of gummy worms, tell them they are going to have to lean back and put the cup in their mouth facing up.
- The standing player have them stand behind the seated player, explain that they are going to have lean over and eat as many gummy worms as possible in the time allowed.
- On "Go!" seated player will quickly put cup in their mouth (no hands allowed) and the standing player will then have to using ONLY their mouth (no hands allowed) stuck pulling out gummy worms and eating them as fast as they can.