Sunday, June 1, 2014

Top 10: Christian Blockbusters Sequels and Prequels??

With the recent flood of "Christian Movies" in theatres it can only mean one thing...Sequels!!? Here are the top 10 coming soon to a cinema near you...maybe?

10. "Facing the New York Giants"?- successful high school football coach takes his talent to the NFL?

9. "Water-Proof"?- the story of marine biologist and her maritial struggles?

8.  "Too Courageous"?-  a police man patrols the mean streets of Disney World homeschool week!?

7.  "Hell is For Real"?- a young boy travel into the afterlife AGAIN!!?

6. "Noah 2: Ham' s Revenge"- just when you thought the flood was over and everyone is's payback time!?

5. "God is STILL Not Dead"?- a young faith hero graduates from college and heads out into the workforce and works for an Athiest boss?

4. " Internet Soul Surfer"- from the diector of "The Social Network" and "Tron:Legacy" comes the love story of a young women searching "Christian Mingle" for her soul mate?

3. "Blue Like Adult Contemporary"?- the story of Donald Miller turning 40 and facing middle age?

2. "Left Behind Again"?- starring Nicholas Cage, a gripping story about a pilot...Wait a Minute???

1. " The Porpoise Driven Life"?- from the makers of Free Willy, A Dolphin Tale, and Rick Warren?