Sunday, May 11, 2014

Top 10: Things Never to say TO a Visitor? (*youth group or church)

Here is a follow up to last week's super popular "Top 10: Things I Have NEVER Heard a Visitor Say"....

10. Want to See a Stupid Human Trick!?

9. Wait...What Version of the Bible Do You Have There?

8. Seriously!  You Showed Up Here...Wearing THAT!?

7. Hey! Guess Where I Have a Tattoo?

6.  The Visitor Seating Section is This Way.

5. Hold On Before I Shake Your Hand, Let Me Go Wash Mine.

4. Wow! Hold on...We Have Some Complimentary Testa-Mints Over Here!!

3.  WhooHoo! Fresh Blood!!

2.  Excuse Me I Have Been a Little Gassy Lately....

1. Here Put On This GIANT "Visitor" Tag!
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