Sunday, May 4, 2014

Top 10: Things I Have Never Heard a Visitors to Church Say?

10. I heard you just remodeled the bathrooms!

9.  Do you use germ-free, pre-sealed communion?

8. Do you have a cafe? We are searching for a church that doesn't offer coffee or make us fellowship!

7. We are looking for a church that is boring, how boring do you consider yourself?

6. What is the median age of your staff?

5. Oh, I am sorry we can't stay the carpet in here is the wrong color!!

4.  Sorry you have theatre seats and we need hard pews in order to worship?

3.  I have a live sheep in my trunk, do you still do that kind of thing?

2.  Sorry we have to leave, this place is way too friendly...

1. We pulled in to check things out when we saw all the people smoking out front!