Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lesson Series: "Altar Reality" (Worship)

Series Overview and Idea:
A 4 week lesson series on worship and seeing our world through our connection with God.  
When we live a lifestyle of worship that is continually plugged into all of who God is we begin to ourselves, our situations, our world and our life completely differently because we see an "altar-ed" reality....

The Series Outline Includes:
- key scripture passages
- big group activity
- upfront illustration
- video clip suggestions
- small group/discussion questions
- lesson related games & activities
- and a link to A FULL SET OF FREE GRAPHIC

Lessons Overview:
Lesson #1: "Altar Your PERSPECTIVE"
Lesson #2: "A SPIRITUAL Perspective"
Lesson #3: "A SITUATIONAL Perspective"
Lesson #4: "A SURRENDERED Perspective"
Bonus Lesson: "A STRIPPED Perspective"

CLICK HERE (to download the FULL series)