Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lesson Series: "Storyline" (the Bible)

A 4 Week Lesson Series on the "Storyline" of the Bible, about what we know, believe, and how to study it for ourselves.
- Lesson #1: The Story that Connect Us All
- Lesson #2: How Did We Get the Story?
- Lesson #3: Do You Really Know the Storyline?
- Lesson #4: Reading the Story!

(* NEWLY Refreshed, Updated, and Reformatted- Lessons Contain: full point by point outline, scripture references, visual illustrations, games, video clip ideas, and more)
Here are some additional FREE Resources to use to go along with the series...
* Used Youth Specialties Convention motion background from a few years ago as my media backgrounds. Here are the still jpegs of backgrounds, feel free to use these, they ARE NOT mine!