Sunday, March 30, 2014

Top 10: REAL Things I Hear During School Lunch Visits?

10. Are You a Stalker?

9.  Hey, Your Probation Officer is Here!

8.  Who's Dad Are You?

7. Is That Candy Laced With Drugs?

6.  Your Kind of Old To Be Her Boyfriend!

5. Shhh...Stop ___________ The Youth Pastor Is Coming?

4. Do I Need to Pray for My Lunch, Since You Are Here?

3.  Hey, Are You His Dealer?

2. Why Are You Here? Am I In Trouble? Did My Parents Call You about__________?

1. Oh! Did You Have a Day Off at Your Real Job!?

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ran-Dumb Youth Ministry Meme #59 (Christian Music Edition #2)

Youth Ministry Invention #20: "Glow Stick Game Balls"

Safe and Super Fun.  A Fellow Area Youth Pastor, Chris Durbin, pulled a bunch of these out at a recent area-wide event!  They were an immediate hit!

They are available in Basketballs, Footballs, Soccer balls, and Of Course JH/MS Mainstay- DODGEBALLS!

CLICK HERE (to check them out and get them for your group!)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Game #52: "Load the Ladle" (upfront challenge)

Just another fun, ran-dumb upfront challenge that is sure to get your group laughing!

Find more like it in the "Game" Section above!

- 2 ladles
- 2 bandanas
- 2 open top large containers (bowls, pitcher...)
- 2 open top containers
- A liquid (*water is fine, but gravy is better)
- Goggles
- Optional: Garbage bag (as a make a cover for the player's clothes)

Set up
Fill the 2 larger container with your liquid, place those containers on one end of your playing area.  Place the 2 smaller containers on the other end of your playing area.

Game Play:
Have 2 volunteers come up have them put on their goggles and tie a bandana around their forehead and hang the ladles on the front of the bandana in front of their face.   On "Go" without using their hands at all, they will have to lean down and "Load the Ladle" full of liquid from the larger containers and then make their way as fast as they can to the other end and dump out the contents in the smaller container.   As you can imagine the contents of the ladle are going to splash and slosh around and onto their faces as the players walk/run. 

You can either make the winner the person who fills up the smaller container or the person who has the most in their container as the end of a set amount of time!

Just a super fun and hilarious game, that can be as nice or nasty as you want it to be depending on the liquid.

A Couple Suggested "Liquids" (nasty):
- Gravy
- Pudding or Tampico
- Oyster Juice
- Pickle Juice
- Condiments

Alternate Dry Contents (nice):
- Small Candies- M&M's, Skittles
- Small Marshmallows
- Marbles
- Packing Peanuts
- Cereal

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

FREE Lesson Series: "I Mustache U A ?" (sharing your faith)


- Lesson 1: "A Hairy Situation"
- Lesson 2: "I Mustache U?"
- Lesson 3: "Personal Style"
- Lesson 4: "Don't Shave It For Later!"

*Lesson include brief outline for each lesson, along with scriptures, and small group discussion questions.   Also included is some additional suggested ideas and resources.)  
CLICK HERE (to download the lesson outline-PDF)
CLICK HERE (to download the 'personal evangelism style survey)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Morning Video: "Happy Star Wars-Style"


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Top 10: REAL You Might be A Youth Pastor's Wife...

10. If You Have Ever Unpacked After a Retreat and Somehow Ended Up With Random Pairs of Student's Dirty Underwear...

9. You Have Ever Came Home to Discover You Were Cooking Dinner for 10 Sr. High Guys...Surprise Honey!

8. Your Husband Has Ever Got Sick in the Middle of a Lesson and Handed You His Bible and Notes and Said "Take Over!"...

7. You ARE the Supplier of all Things "Feminine" on Every Trip, Retreat, and Overnight...

6. You Know the Best Places in Town to Get the Best Prices on Spam, Sardines, and Picked Pigs Feet...

5.  You Have Ever Got Retreat Registration Forms and Money While Walking Through Walmart...

4.  You Have More Youth Group T-shirts and Sweatshirts in your Wardrobe, Than Actual Brand Name Clothes...

3.  You Fridge at Home Always Seems to have a Leftover Pizza In It, ALL THE TIME!!

2.  You Have Lost Count of How Many Times a Conversations Has Started with "I Know It is Your Husbands Job But..."

1. You Went into Early Labor While at a Waterpark Event....and Still Had to Drive the Snow!

Tuesday: "News U Can Use" AND "FREE Lesson Series: 'I Mustache U A ? "
Wednesday: "Game #52: Load the Ladle"
Thursday: "The Ran-Dumb T-shirt Collection"  (finally!)
Friday: "Dumb Youth Ministry Meme #58 (Pop Star Edition #5"

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hint/Help #10: "Simple Weekly Organizers & Time Sheet"

Simple, Basic Weekly Organizer and Time Sheet, to use for yourself or to hand off to your ministry interns.  A great way to keep organized, stay on task, and keep track/report time.

Download and Use it for FREE!

Youth Ministry Weekly Organizer & Time (FREE)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Game #51: "Name Tag Spelling Bee" (Icebreaker/Teambuilder)

Quick, Easy Game That Can Be An Icebreaker Game or a Group Team Builder Game...

- Marker
- Self-Adhesive Name Tags (enough for every person)

Set Up:
Write a letter or the alphabet, A to Z on each name tag, keep them in sets of 26.  Make as many as sets as you think you will have people.  Divide your group into 2 or more teams, and then hand out a set of name tags to each team, so that everyone has one.  Have everyone peal and stick them on themselves, preferably their chest.  (* For a smaller group  use only the main most commonly used letters.)

Game Play: (option 1)
Come up with a list of words in advance based on your group and size.  Have everyone stay in their teams, so you have a the same set of letters.  Announce your determined words and have the group try to quickly as possible line up and spell the word.  Group that spells the word the quickest and correctly gets a point.

Game Play: (option 2)
Do not come up with a list of words in advance, just have everyone stay in their teams and sets of letters.  On "Go" see how many words each team can come up with in a pre-determined amount of time (5-10 minutes?). Have a leader write down and keep track of words spelled

Winning team is based on points earned:
- 1 point for each word
- 2 point for each word over 3 letters
- 5 points for the team with the longest word

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

News U Can Use: "What Marketers Spend to Reach Pre-Teens"

" In 1983, companies spent $100 million marketing to kids. Today, they're spending nearly $17 billion annually. That's more than double what it was in 1992.

Marketing firms and advertisers are looking to a younger demographic, increasingly targeting tweens and even younger children. And these kids have huge control over the flow of parents' spending, statistics show — 8- to 12-year-olds spend $30 billion of their own money each year and influence another $150 billion of their parents' spending....

Continue Reading at CBS NEWS

* Ministry Thought:  How much does your church spend to "reach out" to pre-teens and Jr. Highers?

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Top 10: Rockstars and Youth Pastor are the Same?

10. Success is judge by the number of people in the seats?

9. People feel they deserve full access to your personal life?

8. You can't go anywhere in public without someone wanting to talk to you about what you do?

7.  Huge all night party, with things getting broken?

6.  People walk around wearing your group's t-shirts, hoodies, etc.... identifying themselves with you and the group you lead?

5. Every time you step on the stage, people expect it to be as good, if not better than the last time they saw you?

4.  People expect that your stage persona is how you are in every day life?

3. 24/7 job creatively thinking, and looking for ideas and inspiration?

2. Everybody thinks it easy and anybody can do it?

1. Few Other Jobs Affects Every Other Aspect Of Your Life
(the place you live, your spouse, your kids, how you dress, what you eat, where you shop, where your kids go to school, and....what you choose to believe?)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ran-Dumb Youth Ministry Meme #56 (Happy St. Patty's Day!!)

Review: "Young Women of Faith Bible"

The Young Women of Faith Bible is fresh off the presses this week and now available!

It is Zondervan's excellent new young teen focused NIV Bible, that is filled from cover to cover with faith and life focused content.

Fresh off the presses and just released this Tuesday (Mar. 11th), The Young Women of Faith Bible is more than just another Bible with a cute cover and a few flowers throw in a every couple pages. It is a fully loaded cover-to-cover all-in-one study bible, devotional, journal and concordance written with teen girls in mind. The content of each of the add-on sections spread through out are thoughtful and solid.  This Bible is by far one of the best I have seen in awhile.

All through the entire Bible are helpful side notes, explaining in simple, understandable ways the content of the related passages in that section of scripture. While these selections are short, they are not lack in depth while bring the truth down the a level that the young female reader can understand.   This Bible also contains 52 weekly devotionals staggered through out, once again each of these one page devotionals are easy to read and are extremely well written in a style that makes sense and applies to real life.   Besides these two key content components there are also memory verses and "I Believe..." heading that help the reader connect the scripture to personal belief.   If that wasn't enough, this amazing, fun to read Bible also includes short journal sections for girls to think, respond and even doodle a bit, allowing them to personalize their Bible with their own style and thoughts.   Combined this is a full package of Biblical content hidden between the pages this NIV Bible.

Ironically, my wife and I were both looking within the last couple weeks for something for my wife and young pre-teen daughter to read together as a devotional or as a study for the next year.  When my daughter saw this sitting on my desk to be reviewed, she immediately picked it up started flipping through it.  She spent the next 1/2 hour sitting in my office while I worked.  She absolutely loved it and asked if she could have it as soon as I was done!?   Needless to say, it is not going to be sitting on a shelf in my office, not being used. 

I and my daughter would give it two big thumbs up and would suggest you taking a look at it for the girls in your youth group, around your church or in your own home!!

CLICK HERE (to get it)


Hint/Help #9 : "Be Focal, Buy Local"

60 Second Helpful Hint and Help for Your Youth Ministry...
Check out more in my "Hints and Help" section above!

Lets be real, we spend money, whether we are the big church in town or small fry around the corner we are spending our church's (*God's money) or the parents money.   Why not be more "Focal" in our spending by buying "Local"?

Whether it is the next graphic order for yet another t-shirt order or a banner for your youth room or even that monthly big pizza order why not use somebody local.  Nothing against some of the outstanding Christian graphic companies or the Big national pizza chains,  but why not put the money you are spending back into your own community and economy using locally owned and ran companies.  You might even be ending up helping provide a job for some in your own church?

The second part, might be a bit more work but it still worth it (*at least I think so) in God's economy- Buy Local on your trips, retreats, and mission projects.  Not in your own community, but in the community near by your location you end up being in.  Why not CASH MOB a couple local stores and businesses buying supplies and food for your event?  If nothing else plan one night on a longer trip to take your whole group to a local "mom and pop" business and let the kids spend a ton of their money buying snacks and other silly stuff?   I am telling you there is nothing more fun than to pull up with a bus and have a big group of students respectfully walk into a little tiny store and spend a whole lot of money they were going to spend anyway!?

Just a quick thought and hopeful a little hint and help for your ministry!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lesson Series: "SIGNS: Finding God's Directions in Life"

A 6 Week Lesson Series on "Finding God's Direction in Your Life"

Each lesson is Freshly Re-formatted on a separate page for easy use, now in a downloadable pdf.  Includes a short lesson outline with scripture references and also small group/discussion questions to use throughout the lesson or afterwards

- Signs #1: Understanding the Road
- Signs #2: "Spiritual Signs"
- Signs #3:"Connected Signs
- Signs #4:"Mental Signs"
- Signs #5: "Personal Signs"
- Signs #6 “Why Follow the Signs?” (Bonus Lesson)

* Includes Some Additional Video Suggestions & Ideas
CLICK HERE (to get the pdf)

Bonus: Visual Illustrations:
*Through out the series I used a variety of silly signs as the group was coming in and settling in AND also as visual illustrations after each point in the lessons. Some of them would be "good" examples illustrating the idea some of them were "bad" examples. Here is my collection of signs for you to use:


News U Can Use: "Sequels, Selfies and Space: 2013 at the Movies"

"....So, what movies did Americans watch in 2013? Are Oscar winners also box office winners? How do factors like gender, age and faith affect American's viewing patterns? And what power do movies have to influence our thoughts and actions?..."


Monday, March 10, 2014

Top 10: REAL "I Think It's Funny As a Youth Pastor When..."

10.  An Adult Will Go From Swearing to Using "Christian-ese" When They Hear the Title Pastor? (Yes, That Was a Truly Blessed Call By the Ref)

9. My Kid's Sunday School Teacher Will Not Recognize Me, Then Tell Me They Are So Happy I Started Coming to Church?  (Thank You, I have heard great things?)

8. I Will Go to Lunch at One of My Guy's School and Get Asked 'Are You His Probation Officer?' (Nope, I am his dad)

7. When a SH "Welcome Team" of Girls Try to "Welcome Me"? (psst-I am the JH Youth Pastor, Married, and ...Out of Your League!)

6.  I Call a New Female Student's House and Her Parent's Freak Out, Because There is a Man Calling?  (Who are you? How do you know our daughter?  Did she meet you online?)

5.  When I Call a Male Student's House and Parent Freak Out, Because They Think Their Son Is in Trouble? (What did he do? Why are you calling?  No, seriously you can't just be calling, he had to have done something...)

4. I See Parents Out at the Grocery Store, and They Try to Sneak a Peek in my Grocery Cart? (yep- devil dogs, deviled eggs, and devil's food cake!!)

3. People Come to Our House and Are Surprised It Doesn't Look Like the Youth Room? (couple old couches, a broken foosball table, and some old posters of Audio Adrenaline...that's all we can afford? We also survive on left over pizza and Mt. Dew, the baby loves it?)

2.  People Act All Shocked and Confused When They Find Out My Age? (is that a good thing or a bad thing...not sure?)

1.  People's Various and Interesting Reactions When I Tell Them I am a Youth Pastor, and Then Have to Explain What That is?  (*real question-"so you are kind of life a priest or rabbi just for teenagers at your kind of church?")

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Youth Ministry Invention #18: "Solar Powered Phone Charger"

You are away on that awesome camping trip with your Jr. High boys away from everything out in God's creation.  You are also away from a plug to keep your phone charged up in case of an emergency... Away on a Mission Trip in a place with little or no electricity.... Try This  "Solar Powered Phone Charger"
(CLICK AWAY  to find out more)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Game: "Pizza Box Curling"

Free Game Package includes:

  • -HD Game Title – 1280 x 720
  • -SD Game Title – 1024 x 768
  • -Layered Photoshop File
(to get instructions and game package)


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

News U Can Use: "Sex and the Single Tween"

"They grow up so fast’ used to be a wistful sigh; now it’s a panicked cry for help from parents watching their 10-year-old daughters critique Miley Cyrus’s twerking and discuss oral sex with their friends...."

Check Newsweek's New Piece on The Life and Sexualization of American Young Adolescents. It is a Rather Long and Very Frank  Read, But Well Worth It for Anyone Working with JH/MS/Pre-Teen  Students.

CLICK HERE (to start reading)

Monday, March 3, 2014

March Website of the Month: "Free Motion Loops"

A Brand New, Fresh Website from "Motion Loops", just dedicated to giving away FREE Motions Loops Every Month. Get up to 34 FREE HD Motion Loops to start off with and then get an 4-5 New FREE Motion Loops Every Month.   No trick or credit card needed, just something I found and thought it might help you in your ministry?

CLICK HERE (to check it out for yourself)

Top 10: Things NOT To Do To the Person In Front Of You...

10. Start Combing and Braiding Their Hair?

9. Take Sermon Notes on Their Bald Spot?

8. Give Them a Neck Massage?

7. Whisper Random Words from the Sermon In Their Ear?

6. Keep Tapping Them on the Shoulder and Hiding?

5. Lean Forward on Their Shoulder and Sleep?

4. Wrap Your Arms Around Them During Worship and Slow Dance?

3.  Ask Them to Help You Start a "Worship Wave"?

2.  Grab Their Shoulders and Yell- "CONGO!"

1. Ask Them If You Could Borrow Their Bible, Because They Really Look Like They Were Not Using It?