Monday, February 24, 2014

Top 10: REAL JH/MS Prayer Requests

10. My lizard is shedding and in a lot of pain?

9. Pray for my mama hen that she is in heaven, she died last night?

8. Pray that my parent get me the new I-Phone?

7. Pray that my parent will let me see Thor 2, this weekend?

6.Pray for my ________sports team, that they win on ____________! 

5. Pray for my ____, I think my peircing is infected?

4.  Pray for the Packers, they are playing the Bears monday night!

3.  Pray for my Sr. high girlfriend, she is really wants to get married! 

2.  Pray for my leg, I shot myself the other night!

1.  Pray for Tim McGraw, he was suppose to do special music this morning in church, but he got arrested.