Sunday, January 19, 2014

Top 10..."Ten More: You Might Be a Jr. High Youth Worker..."

10. You Have Ever Had a Finger Blaster War...With Your Sr. Pastor.

9. You Have Ever Challenge your Mother-in-Law to a 'Minute to Win It' Game at a Family Function!

8. You Tried Out a Summer Camp Prank Out on Your Own Children, Before Using at Camp?

7. Your Are Almost 40, But You Still Leave the House Every Morning Wearing a Cinch Sack!

6. You Have Ever "Crop Dusted" A Deacon's Meeting?

5. You Have File Cabinet in Your Office, But it is Only Has Candy, Toys, and Prizes in It!

4. You Have Every Been the Tallest Person in a Concert Mosh Pit, by at Least 2 Feet!

3. Mt. Dew Delivers to You!

2.  You Have Ever Burped in a Lesson, and Made it an Illustration!

1. You Have Ever Interrupted a Romantic Dinner Date to Tell Your Spouse a Great Disgusting Game Idea, You Just Thought Of?!!!
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