Thursday, January 16, 2014

Review: "The Jesus Bible" (NIV Pre-Teen Bible)

Another Great Bible COMING SOON from Zondervan and Zonder-Kidz  for
Jr. High/Middle School/Pre-Teen Students!

A Outstanding Bible That Will Allow Students to "Discover Jesus in Every Book of the Bible"!

The people over at Zondervan and Zonder-Kidz are rolling out ANOTHER amazing Pre-Teen/Young Teen Bible with the soon to be released Jesus Bible.  Created around the NIV translation, this Bible is easy to read and understand for late elementary through into the early teen years.  The format is colorful and attractive, so as the reader opens it, it immediately draws them in.  The content and information is excellent; relevant while remaining solidly scriptural.

Each book of the Bible begins with a full page introduction and overview for that book including the usual information about author, historical context, and location, but what really sets this Bible apart before all that, is a sections called "Where is Jesus in this Book?"  In a short, concise paragraph this section clearly explains Christ's presence in the book and story.  Then every few page through out the entirety of the Bible are devotionals that connect Jesus or a nearby passage to the life of the reader.
Each of these devotionals and reflects are perfectly written for this age group.  It does not just stop there however, it is topped off with "Live like Jesus" sections through out as well, further connecting the Biblical and historical content to a life that is more like Jesus.

You may be thinking, there is enough teen and pre-teen Bibles on the market already, and this is just another one to add to the book shelf of your office.  It is NOT, this one is truly separate from the rest.   This is a Bible that brings all the pieces together for young adolescent readers, who sometimes struggle to connect the Old Testament stories with the New Testament Jesus.   If you are planning on doing any kind of "Story of the Bible" or "Who Is Jesus?" lesson series in the near future, this would be a valuable resource to have for your students, but also for yourself!

The planned release date is in a few weeks in late January.  I would suggest take a look at it when if comes out.  I was able to get a hard cover pre-release copy, but it will also be available in both pink and brown soft covers like theses that guys and girls in your group will be sure to love!  CLICK HERE (to find out more & pre-order)