Thursday, December 5, 2013

Combo Book Review: "Speak Love" & "Speak Love Revolution"

Inspirational Books for the Girls In Your Ministry, That Could Transform The Way They Communicate to God, Others, and Even Themselves.

The Perfect Gifst For Christmas or As A Girl's Study To Start Off the New Year.

WORDS... So powerful, so life-giving, so very important to the heart and life of young girls   In a world saturated in words, communication and messages there still not enough girls "speaking love" and being "spoken love" to- that is why I was so excited when I finally had a chance to read the book, Speak Love.

The Speak Love book and devotional journal by Annie F. Downs is a great resource for those of us involved in the lives of teenage girls, helping them to understand the importance of communication to God, others, and themselves.   Not just another positive affirmation book or quick self-help book about love yourself more, Annie F. Downs, writes a book that is scripture-centered and real.  

While the title would at first seem to just address the spoken, it actually thoroughly and systematically address all the various ways girls communicate.   Starting off with four very strong chapters on our communication with God.   I absolutely love these first four chapters, after recently finishing a series in my own group about prayer.  I am continued to be amazed at how many students really do not fully understand how God is and how to communicate with him.  

The second set of chapters and the core of the book is speaking love to "others", including chapter 9 addressing communication to celebrities.  The fact that is included, in my opinion, is brilliant.  It is so needed and so overlooked in so many resources and books written to young women. Especially for someone working with 6th-8th grader girls, this is HUGE!  Whether we as, adults completely 'get-it' or remember, our students have access to celebrities through social media and it affects them!   The other chapter that is even more important that I absolutely appreciated was the next chapter about talking about God to others.

The wraps up with two final chapters, that are oh, so very important about speaking love to yourself.  Once again not a cheesy positive affirmation approach, Ms. Downs, just soaks her final words in Biblical, scripture advice and love.

Now for the Speak Love Revolution: 30 Day Devotional... As if the book itself was not enough, which it absolutely is.  The companion devotional journal is the double extra awesome layer on top.  Each of the 30 days worth of devotional readings are again on the mark.  Bound is a very attractive purple cover, it makes the perfect take-along to school or wherever a girl might be going.

These two books are truly inspirational books for the girls in your ministry, that could transform the way they communicate to God, others, and even themselves. The perfect gifts for Christmas or as a girl's study to start off the New Year!