Thursday, December 12, 2013

Book Review: "99 Thoughts for Junior Highers"

What do you get when you put two of the best minds in Junior High ministry together to write a book directly to Junior Highers?

You get "99 Thoughts for Junior Highers"! A short to the point book that is worth it's weight in... well... donuts!!

99 Thoughts for Junior Highers by Mark Oestriecher and Brooklyn Lindsay is a fresh and fun new book just FOR your Junior High (and middle school) students that is filled full of 99 huge truths that every Junior Higher needs-- broken down into tasty little bite-size pieces.  Each of the 99 thoughts contained in this book is a basic and essential truth that every young teen needs to understand.   No word or space was wasted in this very short, easy-to-read 133 page book.   Written with an absolute heart for Junior Highers, as each thought will be sure to speak love and truth  into the life of it's young teen readers.
The book is broken down into 11 chapters with 7-10 thoughts in each, covering the full range of topics connected to the life of a Junior Higher.  From identity to body change to topics of faith and of course some wisdom on the opposite sex, I can not honestly think of anything that was not covered.  In addition to the great ideas and instruction, each section ends with a personal, real-life story from either Brooklyn or Marko from their own Junior High years, that makes this already well written book even more personal.
I am sure Marko, Brooklyn and many of the rest of us working with 6th-8th graders in our ministry will agree with me when I say, I wish there was a book like this when I was going through these years.  Working with this age exclusively, I know how hard my 6th-8th students struggle and the questions I process with them on daily basis.   This is a book that is going to be SO valuable to them, but also to anyone working with or in the life of young teens.  It is an easy hand-off, a tool to use in discipleship, and just an all-around great resource to have.   It is pretty much a basic handbook to being a Junior High and also a Christ-Follower during the young adolescent years.
A final thought...Personally, I was very excited to finally get my back-ordered physical copy, as this book almost immediately sold out on Amazon the day it came out.  I am also strongly considering after the New Year, when my new church budget starts, seeing if I can beg, steal, and even borrow so I can somehow order a copy for every single student in my ministry.  Not to over-sell this book, but that is honestly how much I like this book.  I hope that Christian publisher sit up and take notice and start getting more great books written for Junior Highers like this out there.  
BUY IT NOW (just in time for Christmas!) at AMAZON, YOUTH CARTEL, SIMPLY YOUTH MINISTRY, CBD, or a fine retailer near you!