Thursday, October 31, 2013

Book Review: "Adventure Bible Handbook"

Forget that dusty old Bible Handbook you got in college that is sitting on your office shelf!  
Zondervan and Zonder-Kidz has a New Bible Handbook written just for the young teens in your ministry!

The Adventure Bible Handbook is a fun and exciting update on Bible Handbooks.   It is written with pre-teens and young teens in mind. It is part comic book and part Bible study guide, using a comic book adventure to take young learners through the Bible from start to finish.  At first glance you might just think it a just a cute little comic book storybook, but after a closer look you will find out it is actually an informative guide for the biggest stories of the Bible.  Besides also including an overview  about each of the major stories of the Bible, it also offers maps and historical context information.

The Adventure Bible Handbook, part of the Adventure Bible Series,  is a great resource for your ministry's older students in late elementary through the Jr. high years.  With its comic book feel and format it is sure to draw kids in and then keep them engaged all the way through with the storyline that is weaved though out the book.  I would also highly suggested it for the guys in your group, who are often less likely to be readers.  It is a great follow up and continuation for those students who have enjoyed the other books and devotionals in the series when they were younger.

This book could be a stand alone book for students to pick up and read, but I appreciate that scripture passages are included throughout the book.  It is written in a way that will encouraging students to pull out their Bibles and want to look up scriptures on their own, digging deeper into the stories.

Written with younger Christians in mind this book is a great starter book for laying down the foundations of faith and for understanding the stories of the Bible. It will help students fit some of the individual pieces they have already, together to pull together a better picture of God's bigger story in our world.

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