Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Game #36- "Tummy Tunes" (upfront/team game)

Hilarious, Quick Upfront Game With No Real Set Up or Supplies, That Will Keep Your Group Laughing!?

- A mic and a sound system?


-  It a simple, silly upfront version of "name that tune", except the upfront player has to play the tune by beating out the tune on their tummy and try to get the rest of their tea to guess.
- Can easy be playing as whole group, big group game, as a ran-dumb small group game, or travel time-killer.

- Make sure that is people lift their shirt to go "bare tummy" everything stays modest.  
- Use simple songs that your group will know the tune of, maybe even choose a few praise and worship songs that you use in your group or in adult church.