Monday, June 10, 2013

Top 10: Rockstar Ways to End Your Lesson This Week?

Just because your dream of being a rock star didn't work out and you are now a MS/JH Youth Pastor doesn't mean you still can't pull a few rock star moves this week??

Here are 10 ways to end your lesson Rock Star Style...

10. The Rapper Mic Drop?

9.  Kicking Over Your Podium?

8.  A Stage Dive?

7. Spitting a Mouth Full of Water Over the Crowd?

6.  Throwing Your Sweaty Shirt to an Adoring Student?

5. Call Your Wife on Stage and Giving Her a Long Kiss?

4. Biting the Head Off of Something?

3. Slowly Being Lowered Down Through a Trap Door In the Stage?

2. Lighting Your Notes On Fire?

1. An Awesome Usher/Michael Jackson-Style Dance Solo?