Monday, June 3, 2013

Top 10: JH/MS Youthworker Survival Tips

10. Never Fall Asleep During a Lock-In/Overnight Event (do you like your eyebrows?)

9. Have A Regular Date Night (if you are single this still applies)

8. Eat A Healthy Breakfast (skittles and a 24 oz Monster does not count)

7. Have a Daily Devotional Time (NOT the student devotional you give out to your group!)

6. Get Organized, Plan Regular Office Hours, and Shut off Your Phone Sometimes.  (seriously put it down right now if you are reading this on your I-Phone in bed, instead of sleeping!)

5. If You Are On a Mission Trip in an Urban Setting Don't Try to be a Gangster.  (unless of course you are, then roll on player..)

4.  Never Refer to Your Senior Pastor by His Secret Nickname to His Face. (Hey Big Bob!?)

3.  Exercise Regularly and Often.  (walking to the main office once a day to check your mail is not a work out...unless you work at Saddleback, then good job!)

2.  Find a Mentor or An Accountability Partner (not your MOM! Actually it may be time to move out, especially now that you just turned 30 and your married?)

1.  Much Like a Bear Attack, If Attacked by an Angry Parent, curl up in the Fetal Position and Play Dead! (a bear whistle will not work, it will  only make the parent more agitated and aggressive... trust me) ( *see pics below)