Monday, May 13, 2013

Top 10: Things You Don't Want To Hear Your Senior Pastor Say?

10. "Man, Your Wife is Looking Smoking Hot Today"

9. "Can I Borrow Those Skinny Jeans?"

8. "I Just Booked a Gospel Quartet for the JH Boys Lock-In"

7. "I Need You to Explain the 'Blue Flame Thing'?"

6. "Can You Tell This is a Toupee?"

5. "Do You Want to Explain The Speeding Ticket in the Church Bus?"

4. "I am Thinking about a Mud Wrestling Outreach Event?"

3.  "Due to the Recent Lawsuit, We Need to Change a Few Things?"

2.  "I Have Been Working Out, Check out These Abs?"

1. "That is I Quit, You're In Charge...Good Luck?"