Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lesson Series: "J.B.F. Just Be Friends"

"JUST BE FRIENDS: Drawing Some Conclusions about JH Relationships"

Series Overview and Idea:
The Middle School and Jr. High years are a time to discover who you are and who God is in you?  Too much emphasis in our society is put on having to “date” or have a “serious” relationship during these years.  Instead student should consider finding “J.B.F.’s” people of the opposite sex that they can “Just Be Friends” with and not worry about “dating” until they are older. It will save them heart-ache and drama. 

The Series Outline Includes:
- key scripture passages
- big group activity
- upfront illustration
- video clip suggestions
- small group/discussion questions
- and MORE!!

Lessons Overview:
#1: "JBF's?- Just Being Friends"
#2:  "Understanding JBF"
#3: "Choosing JBF"

CLICK HERE (for the Word outline)
CLICK HERE (for the PDF outline)