Sunday, April 28, 2013

Top 10: Rappers/ R&B Artists After the Fame Fades??

For an upcoming lesson series about entertainment and media.  I am going to be talking about how quickly celebrity, fame and popularity fades.  Students waste all kinds of time and money on their movies and music, then they are gone? 

To kick off the lesson is my Top 10 things some of today's rappers/ R&B artists might be doing tomorrow to support themselves after their fame fades?

10. Chris Brown-ies

9.  Eminem's M&Ms and Candy

8. 2 Panes Replacement Windows

7. Fl-Usher's Plumbing

6. Nicki Massage

5. Mow Rider Lawn Service

4. Alicia Keys and Locks

3. 50 Scents Candles & Incense

2. Pee Diddy Urinal Cakes

1. Jay ZZZZ Mattress and Sleep Store

* Feel free to use this as part of one of your up coming lessons or just for some ran-dumb fun for your group?