Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Website of the Month: "CRU Press Green"

This is the digital home of all the ministry resources of Cru’s U.S. Campus Ministry (USCM)—everything intuitively organized, pretty to look at, and free to read, watch, listen, download, or share. Enjoy and be blessed.

Why “Green”?  Two reasons.  By having hundreds of great ministry materials available at your fingertips—on your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or Commodore 64—you’re saving a few trees. And, by acquiring these aforementioned resources absolutely free, you’re saving some serious cash.

So feel free to browse around, either by category or topic. Watch a video. Download a Bible Study. Listen to a talk. Read an article. Go nuts. And remember, if you’d rather have the printed version of a particular resource, you can purchase it at the Cru Press store.

CLICK HERE (to check it out)